National Cheng Kung University
  • 2018 Nov 27
  • MEDICA 2018, Germanys Largest Medical Device Exhibition in the World GLORIA NCKU Participated as Exhibitor for Technology Showcase
The 2018 Dusseldorf Medical Device Exhibition (MEDICA 2018) was held from November 12th to 15th, which is the most indicative exhibition in the medical device industry in the world. There were more than 70 countries and 7,000 exhibitors, more than 120,000 buyers, and experts of government-industry-university-institute from more than 120 countries participated in the exhibition this year. Therefore, MEDICA exhibition also served as a survey of the future trend in medical device industry.
GLORIA NCKU upholds the spirit that actively participating in international exhibitions. Other than showcase the products and technologies of some of the lecturers and start-up teams of NCKU in the world's largest medical device exhibition, it also stimulates the innovative thinking of R&D personnel from the experience in this large exhibition participation, which will greatly benefit the evolution and development of technology products of the team in the future. The lecturers of the Department of Engineering Science, Professor Yu-Cheng Lin, Professor Jing-Jing Fang, Medical Vision Corporation and Bell Medical Device had participated in this exhibition.
Professor Yu-Cheng Lin showcased the “Rapid In-vitro Reagent Test Kit and Immunoassay Analyzer”. He brought all kinds of reagent test kits and analyzers that developed by him, which can be used in chemical drugs and microbial pathogens detection, etc. The markets for the product are medical examinations, home care, drug testing, food safety or pet health, etc. Professor Jing-Jing Fang from the Department of Mechanical Engineering presented the “Computer Aided Medical Imaging System”. The technology presented in this exhibition was mainly suitable for spinal surgery that used image processing to locate the spine to help the surgeon performs surgery and reduces risk. Medical Vision Corporation is a company established by the School Technology Institute, which showcased the “Immediate Re-Bleeding Detection System for Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding” that used instant imaging to make it easier for observation on upper gastrointestinal bleeding condition. It is clinically used for postoperative observation in patients with gastric bleeding to reduce the risk of re-bleeding. Another start-up team, Bell Medical Device had developed the “Absorbta ® Douche and Smart Portable Urine Infection Detection Device”. It can solve the problem of urinary tract infection or bladder inflammation, which greatly help elderly with weak immunity and the health of patients who undergoing surgery. In this exhibition, many visitors expressed their interest in the technology showcased by NCKU, and all teams will follow-up contacts in the future.
There were more than 200 manufacturers in Taiwan had participated this exhibition.
The members of GLORIA NCKU also took the opportunity to visit the booths of various manufacturers to introduce the organization and services of GLORIA NCKU.
Many manufacturers are impressed by Taiwan academia that willing to participate international trade exhibition and all of them had responded positively. The teams noted on the needs of domestic medical device manufacturers during the discussion, and will develop possible solutions to address the needs of manufacturers. From the research and development capabilities and the cultivation of talents by the academia, it establishes a service connection and industry-academia collaboration in order to promote the development of medical device industry in Taiwan, and to create the service value of GLORIA NCKU.

Dar-Bin Shieh, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology and Dr. Woei-Jer Chuang, Director General, Department of Life Sciences visited the booth of GLORIA NCKU and received a briefing on the technology that presented by the team.

Professor Yu-Cheng Lin presented the technology and demonstrated the intended purposes of the products to the interested distributors.