Chung Yuan Christian University
  • 2018 Oct 27
  • 2018 Malaysian Higher Education & Innovative Corporation Symposium Concluded Successfully
CYCU signed MOU with INTI International University and held Malaysian Higher education & innovative corporation symposium on 5th, Nov. This forum was welcomed by Dr. Ta-Chin Wei, Vice Dean of the International Affairs and he introduces the fruitful achievements with Malaysian industrial & academic circles for the past 1.5 years on the theme of New Southbound partner universities and then invite Dr. Li Yuguang, President of Indy International University, to share school profile.
INTI is Malaysia's premier higher education institution, and leading comprehensive university in Asia, especially in business. It is well-known as the cradle of entrepreneurs and engineers. In addition to introducing the current situation and challenges of higher education in both parties, the symposium focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, lowering gap between industry and education, and planning and researching innovative research and research cooperation etc in more strategic and in- depth discussion.
The CEO of MTIAC, Mr. Kevin Peng said that since its establishment, the center has achieved many successful developments. For example, Sunway University workshop training and local enterprise visits, and Malaysian Enterprises Recruitment Fair was held in Taipei 2018. MTIAC will continue to play a bridge role between Taiwan and Malaysia official, industry, and academic circles for promoting economic and trade cooperation in industry, enterprise talent exchange, and resource sharing and regional links to achieve a bilateral win-win situation.
At the end, CEO of EOOIA, Dr. Jay Wang thanked the distinguished guests for their participation. He mentioned that the school has many excellent research and development energy, but lacks the driving force of marketization. These experienced industrial liaisons of EOOIA can introduce the latest R&D academic research and techniques to companies, provide resources to meet the needs of members, give advises on R&D investment and technology licensing and business matchmaking. Furthermore, they aim to achieve overseas business corporation opportunities and value- added for academic research through crossover collaboration projects for mutually beneficial relationship and win- win in both parties.