National Taipei University of Technology
  • 2018 Nov 15
  • NTUT Hua Nan Assets Management Join Forces to Create New, Innovative Industrial Cluster at Taipei Neihu Industrial Park

National Taipei University of Technology recently held the “Tech Innovation for a Better Future” press conference to showcase recent academia-industry cooperation achievements and to announce the addition of three new incubator partners to the program. Media representatives were introduced to 17 faculty-student R&D projects in the areas of green architecture and design, smart-home technology, and long-term care. The solid progress that was on display both underlined the success that NTUT is having in terms of leveraging new technologies and technology applications to improve society and the comprehensive nature of NTUT’s innovation incubation program.
NTUT and Hua Nan Assets Management are joining forces to foster a new, highly innovative industrial cluster


NTUT President Sea-fue Wang reiterated his university’s focus on practical research work and promoting projects with promising social-benefit potential. In response to declining birthrates and societal ageing trends, NTUT now gives priority consideration to research in the areas of green architecture and design, smart-home technologies, and long-term care, hoping to create a better future for all through technology. The “Tech Innovation for a Better Future” exhibition, President Wang continued, clearly displays NTUT’s nurturing of innovation and incubation of exciting new startup opportunities. Furthermore, NTUT, continuing its work to hone and enhance IT sector R&D capabilities, is promoting student-team competitions, practice-based curricula, and NTUT faculty involvement in R&D as engines of sustained innovation and business startup growth and as tools to more effectively deliver tech innovations to where they are most needed in order to improve life quality and the public good.


In response to Taiwan’s societal ageing and growing long-term healthcare needs, NTUT Department of Industrial Design Assistant Professor Eric Fan and Lecturer Joyce Chu worked with department students to develop a low-friction sedentary repositioning assist device for long-term bedridden patients. The many times per day that these physically weak patients must be helped in and out of bed represents a significant and regular physical strain on both patients and caregivers. The functional fabric used in this device effectively dissipates heat and moisture, helping maintain / promote patient skin health. The device is optimally designed for ergonomic and functional efficiency and assists caregivers to not only more easily adjust the position of their patients but to also improve patient pressure displacement.
low-friction sedentary repositioning assist device

NTUT Department of Interaction Design Associate Professor Chun-ching Chen worked with the Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association to develop HENRI, a technology application that facilitates communication between motor neuron disease patients and caregivers via eye-gaze and 3D human body-map interfaces. Eye-gaze control technology lets patients communicate their physical needs using various language settings, further overcoming traditional linguistic barriers between Taiwanese patients and non-Taiwanese caregivers.
Eye-gaze control technology: HENRI

ITRI previously partnered with the Location Aware Sensing System (LASS) to install over 2,000 interlinked PM2.5 air-quality sensor monitors nationwide, allowing the public instant access to localized air-quality information. NTUT College of    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Huang Yu-hsien further improved this system by developing the “Indoor  Environment Guardian”. In addition to monitoring PM2.5, air quality, temperature, and humidity variables, the Indoor EQ Guardian system uses electrochemical sensors to monitor PM1.0, PM10, smoke, ambient LNG, and environmental UV, streaming data via Bluetooth. In addition to providing regular data streams to Academia Sinica and NTU Hospital, the system allows gateway access via a smartphone to check system-monitoring status and conduct RCT and system updates. The Indoor EQ Guardian is ideal for remote homecare monitoring.
Indoor  Environment Guardian


NTUT is a key Taiwan hub of innovation incubation. The press conference and exhibition further introduced the three most recent firms to join the NTUT innovation incubation team. These include NTUT Department of Electronic Engineering Professor Ren-guey Lee’s Zoetek, Inc., genetics-based healthcare management provider Eternity Youth Healthy Technology, and smart platform developer and information integration service provider Shengsen Corporation.


Furthermore, Hua Nan Assets Management has penned a cooperation agreement with NTUT that will provide new development and office space for NTUT’s innovation teams in Taiwan’s new premier high-tech commercial district – Taipei Neihu Technology Park. NTUT President Sea-fue Wang noted that NTUT, which is already delivering its diverse suite of innovation incubation services at various locations across the country, is proud to now have a physical presence in northern Taiwan’s most-important industrial cluster. President Wang announced that NTUT would host startup and maker competitions to select innovative teams for intensive professional training and business-startup guidance that will reduce their time to market and hone their readiness for long-term growth and success.

Platform for Innovation and Startups – Partnering with Hua Nan to Nurture Future Unicorns