National Taiwan University
  • 2018 Nov 15
  • KuoBrothers Allies with NTU ILO to Create the Win-win Situation by Industry-Academia Collaboration
KuoBrothers announces their AI development contract with NTU ILO (Industry Liaison Office at National Taiwan University) on October 25th, 2018. They will work with their affiliated company, Pcone, to import AI technology innovation from NTU to explore the diverse commercial application.

KuoBrothers have a highly automated and data-based business thinking in the early days of their establishment. They adopted data decision making, and ordered sorting and development of customized advertisements. They also established the Data Team to promote the AI application program to achieve an improvement in internal operational performance. By cooperating with NTU ILO’s AI technology innovation, KuoBrothers will work with the AI pioneer in Taiwan, Roger Jang’s team at NTU. Professor Roger Jang has been involved in neural networks, speech recognition and synthesis, multimedia analysis and retrieval, and application of machine learning for many years, and has extensive experience in industry-university cooperation. In this cooperation, KuoBrothers will import AI technology from NTU, convert the consumer behavior data on the station into structured data, analyze the user's purchase behavior and browsing trajectory on the station, optimize the automatic classification function of goods, and strengthen consumers. The convenience of searching helps to improve the accuracy of product recommendation. In addition to technical cooperation, the students involved in the cooperation case are the application of the theory learned in the classroom to the needs of the industry, so that the industry-university cooperation is not only an upgrade of technology but also an important topic for cultivating talents. This is a great win-win situation.

Finally, the director of NTU ILO, Bou-Wen Lin, stated that it was a great honor achieving this cooperation and it is very optimistic about the integration of e-commerce and AI. NTU ILO always welcomes enterprises to contact them. Professor Roger Jang stated that this is a great timing to work together. Due to the fact that KuoBrothers and NTU ILO work together very well, it also creates a new revolution in the retail industry.