National Chung Hsing University
  • 2018 Nov 14
  • NCHU GLORIA Previous Investigation of Soil Environment in Vietnam for Creating Diverse Cross-National Business Opportunities for Alliance Members
In order to promote and internationalize the result of campus research and development, the cross-discipline university-industrial cooperation would be the new opportunity for NCHU GLORIA. And also, under the government's new southward policy, we also expect the Vietnamese potential energy in agricultural development, technological farm development and retail industries in the future. Under this circumstance, “Co-Creation” would be the basic cooperation mode, not only creating local related fields’ development, but also connecting NCHU campus professors’ technical energy, local enterprises, and farmers.

Taiwan's agricultural biotechnology has gradually changed from the past model, and Agriculture 4.0 has also become a cutting edge. It has been evolved like a semiconductor IT industry, forming a special industrial chain and developing global distribution thinking. During this visit trip in Vietnam, NCHU GLORIA appreciates the Professor Yuh Ming Huang of the Department of Soil and Environmental Science. Professor Huang help to join and make the previous investigation of local soil environment, including initially exploring the local soil profile, investigating the future suitable plants for planting, and even the future needs of the entire market to creating the international business. On the other hands, the tripartite memorandum of university-industrial cooperation was signed by National Chung-Hsin University, Nong Lam University, and Smart Eco Farm Corporation on 28th, Oct., 2018. This would be another important goal of this visit in Vietnam. We this tripartite part would start to plan the high-tech agricultural area with inputting the technological consult and academic exchange activities. Furthermore, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Nong Lam University also greatly provides the office and contact as the overseas co-office with NCHU GLORIA. This would be really meaningful to strengthen the good interaction between Taiwan and Vietnam. The unveiling ceremony and technology workshop also plan to be help on the March, 2019.

To enhance the members’ competitiveness and evolve with the world are GLORIA’s responsibility. We are approach to the Vietnam with the southeast-oriented industry-university cooperation strategy to create sustainable management to provide high-quality and diversified alliance members. Through this platform, we hope to attract and help more Taiwanese manufacturers to work together with more resources into industry-university cooperation, further enhance the competitiveness and commercialization capabilities, and move towards the international market!

The tripartite memorandum of university-industrial cooperation was signed by National Chung-Hsin University, Nong Lam University, and Smart Eco Farm Corporation. The representatives are The Head of International Affair of Agronomy Faculty, Mr.LE KHAC HOANG (the left first one), NCHU GLORIA CEO John Hsu, Professor Yuh Ming Huang (back left one) of the Department of Soil and Environmental Science. Smart Eco Farm Corporation, Deputy General Director, Mr. CHAU SAN PHAM (back middle one), and NCHU GLORIA senior manager Huang Je Fu (right back one).