National Chung Hsing University
  • 2018 Oct 27
  • Indonesia ETOS AGRO Enterprises Invites NCHU GLORIA to join the Ceremony of Agricultural Park Farmer Training Ceremony
Taiwan government has endeavored to promote the southeast-oriented policy. In the meantime, the Indonesian government has also actively developed the integration of domestic tourism industry and invested refined agriculture in recent years. One of GLORIA members, The ETOS AGRO Group, plans to set up an agricultural park. It admired the potential powerful energy of NCHU campus R&D output. Thus, it also the opportunity for NCHU GLORIA to enhance the competitiveness of ETOS AGRO, especially to know and integrated with other upstream and downstream manufacturers of NCHU GLORIA. The ETOS AGRO Group has received the valuable suggestion and experiences through this university-industrial platform.
Under the responsibility to promoting the university-industrial cooperation, NCHU GLORIA COO, Professor YK Lin, also sacrificed his own Mid-autumn holiday, and fly to attend this Ceremony of Agricultural Park Farmer Training Ceremony in Indonesia on 26th, Sep., 2018. Moreover, regarding to this project, he also discussed with Japanese OISCA organization about future cooperation issues. On the ceremony, NCHU GLORIA CEO addressed the great appreciation to the support from The ETOS AGRO Group, and besides, emphasized to attract Indonesia young people back and work in this agricultural park to change the local situation eventually. Meantime, NCHU GLORIA would assign 3 professors to Indonesia here to make local consultant with the related technological know-how in future. The related cooperation issue would coordinate by GLORIA professionals to handle. The ETOS AGRO Group was really appreciated the attendance of NCHU GLORIA COO, Professor Lin Yung Kai in the Ceremony of Agricultural Park Farmer Training Ceremony. This shows the big sincerity to them and also extends the international influence from National Chung Hsing University.   
NCHU assists and involves creating this agricultural project, not only to provide the international challenge to practice university-industrial cooperation, but also make us deeply realize the importance of academic theory and industrial practices. To enhance the own value would be the long plan and road, no matter to The ETOS AGRO Group and NCHU GLORIA. We all need to cooperate together to enhance bilateral global competitiveness.
Group Shooting of the Ceremony of Agricultural Park Farmer Training Ceremony. The middle one is the governor of Jawa Timur, Mr. H .ABDULLAH AZWAR.