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  On September 27th, National Sun Yat-sen University invited the alliance partners of Southern Taiwan GLORIA to hold a lecture on "The development focus of innovation learned from Netherlands experience". The speaker, Miss Lily Wang, Business Development Manager, who serves on Brainport Eindhoven in Netherlands. By this lecture, we expect to provide more innovative thinking which helps accelerate the connection between academic research and domestic & international industry.
     Lily Wang said that there are 13 research universities in Netherlands and they have reached consensus that the research results belong to public property. Among universities, they take each other as partners but not competitors. The researchers actively interact with external society and work together with the same field experts. This formed a cooperation research atmosphere in Netherlands.
     The overall environment is filled with entrepreneurial spirit in Netherlands.  It is mainly affected by the closed cooperation between universities and science parks.  The investors can select more feasibility products from entrepreneur competition. Also, startup companies can receive more assistance to reduce risk. Compared with the other countries in Europe, Netherlands takes more advantages in the domains which include life sciences, horticulture, food, chemicals and water resources. Entrepreneurs can use local advantages to develop innovative technologies and shorten time to market.
     Although Netherland is a small country, its innovative ability cannot be underestimated. The global innovation of Netherland ranks the fourth. The achievement is mainly attributed to the Innovation Park network system. This place can offer startup companies a world-renowned business incubators and R&D facilities. The Netherlands' government greatly encourage company research and innovation through tax incentives, so the Netherlands has become the most valuable country in Europe.
     The core of high-tech innovation is a strong network system through combining of university-industry-government and connecting various resources and interest groups. It can share risks and results. The Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing has been implemented for years and it was called Brainport Model, such as High Tech Campus Eindhoven. It promotes the innovation and new type of collaboration with more than 100 companies, including Philips, NXP, IBM and Intel.
Lily Wang (middle) visited Ying-Yao Cheng, the host of GLORIA and President of National Sun Yat-Sen University (second from left), Chung-Yao Kao, the chief officer of Global Industry-Academe and Advancement(right) and Professor Zhi-Hong Wen.

Lily Wang(middle) photo with GLORIA team.