National Taipei University of Technology
  • 2018 Oct 17
  • NTUT International Academia-Industry Alliance Maintains Strong Ties with Alumni-run Enterprises in Thailand through the NTUT Thailand Office
NTUT enjoys an enduring and growing relationship with Thailand. NTUT’s Overseas EMBA program in Thailand, which began operations in 2010, has been well attended by Thai business owners and senior managers. Moreover, over 40 NTUT alumni-led enterprises such as Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL, headed by President and NTUT alumni Dick Hsieh, have seen strong business growth in their Thai operations.
Looking to build on NTUT’s deep-rooted relationships in Thailand, NTUT President Sea-fue Wang led a delegation to visit four NTUT alumni-run enterprises in that country from September 20th - 23rd. In addition to NTUT President Wang, members of the delegation included IAIA Director Chia-hwa Lee, Dean of Industry-Academia Cooperation Sheng-Tung Huang, and Alumni Center Director Tao-hsing Teng. The companies that were visited included Everest Textile, Sun Kao Co., Advance Die-Casting Industry (ADI), and Jinpao Precision Industry. In addition to promoting the NTUT Academia-Industry Alliance, a key objective of the delegation was to better understand the needs of NTUT alumni in Thailand in order to help the alliance develop better targeted and more comprehensive services for NTUT-alumni businesses abroad.
The delegation visited Everest Textile on its first day in the country. Founded in 1988 by NTUT alumnus Roger Yeh, Everest is a Taiwan-based textile manufacturer that has built a strong international reputation for its highly innovative, sustainably run ‘smart’ textile plants. Its vertically integrated operations cover spinning, weaving, dyeing, and fabric finishing. Everest maintains strong R&D, materials, processing, and product capabilities that are aligned to and capable of meeting client needs. Ensuring the safe and healthful character of its textile products underpins the company’s persistent efforts to develop textiles that are “friendly” for both user and the environment. Everest maintains production facilities and its global headquarters in Tainan, Taiwan and operates an additional 5 textile plants, 3 garment factories, and 8 sales offices elsewhere around the globe. In 2017, two NTUT Molecular Science Department students did their 3-month summer internship at Everest Textile’s factory in Thailand.
The delegation called on Sun Kao on the second day. Sun Kao Chairman Cheng-lieh Lai is a Taipei Institute of Technology Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering alumni. After graduating and completing his military service, Chairman Lai took a position at electric transmission and distribution products manufacturer Allis Electric. He founded Hsi Ming Industry in 1980 with an NT$230,000 loan raised from friends. Eight years later, earnings from this highly profitable business allowed him to invest NT$90 million in cash in a new plant in Thailand. Today, Sun Kao’s 15-hectare facility in Thailand is a critical link in the automobile industry’s global supply chain. To date, two NTUT graduates have taken up positions at Sun Kao Co. in Thailand.
On day three, the delegation called on ADI, a professional fabricator of aluminum and zinc die-cast and gravity-cast components for the automotive, electronics, other industries. ADI has over 19 years of experience and professional knowledge in Thailand and Taiwan covering casting, surface finishing, processing, painting, printing, and assembly, and regularly designs and manufactures a wide array of products that precisely meet its customers’ needs.
On day four, the delegation visited Jinpao Precision Industry. Founded in 1998, Jinpao has grown steadily under the leadership of its Chairman Wen-shan Wang and Vice general manager Kuo-chun Chung. NTUT alumnus and Jinpao Vice general manager Kuo-chun Chung handles the metal-plate punch-press design and manufacturing side of Jinpao’s business. In line with shifts in the industry and changing technologies, Jinpao developed metal-processing capabilities to meet emerging “small quantity, large variety, quick turnaround, customized” needs. These capabilities have since become a core element in the company’s business strategy and significantly raised competitiveness. Today, Jinpao is constantly reengineering the safety of its processes, recalibrating its concepts, and improving its technologies and management procedures in order to differentiate itself from its competitors and carve out niche markets. Its clients are all readily recognized, world-famous brand names.   
As China-U.S. trade tensions rise, the global supply chain is shifting increasingly toward Southeast Asia. The prospects of strong business growth make the availability of sufficiently trained talent, critical to acting on and successfully filling large, new orders, an issue of critical importance. For this reason, businesses in Thailand are prioritizing professional education and training for their staff. NTUT-alumni businesses in Thailand have shown strong interest in the NTUT Academia-Industry Alliance, particularly looking to join the alliance as a way to fast track their professional training.
NTUT President Wang has announced a two-pronged program for assisting alumni enterprises in Thailand. First, the university will prepare junior and senior-year NTUT students to successfully fill mid-level management positions in Thailand-based enterprises. Second, NTUT will serve as a strong education and training platform for Thai students. NTUT’s Mandarin-language education resources and practical technology courses are tailored to help Thai students appreciate the NTUT motto “Integrity, Humility, Diligence, Industry”. After interning at NTUT-alumni firms in Thailand, students will be ready to take a leading role in the upgrading and advancement of industry in Thailand.

Academia-Industry Alliance delegation to Thailand, led by President Sea-fue Wang

NTUT Thai alumni bring honor to their school and join in the NTUT Academia-Industry Alliance business talent training program