Taiwan Gloria Center
  • 2022 Feb 08
  • Industry-Academy Interschool Alliance ~~ New Opportunities for Industry-Academy Cooperation in the Smart Electric Vehicle Industry
In recent years, due to the rapid development of global smart electric vehicle technology, Taiwan’s automotive component manufacturers, which used to be major in the export market, have begun to feel the necessity of industrial transformation and upgrading. Therefore National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech) held the "e-Team" kick-off meeting on December 21, 2021.

The member leader, general manager of ELITE Sewing Machine Manufacting Company said: "As early as 2 years ago, I started discussing with YunTech about Industry-Academy Alliance." Until last October (2020), YunTech joined GLORIA Alliance and began to actively promote the establishment of e-Team. There are currently eight-member manufacturers, which are divided into automobile parts, tempered glass, mechanism internals, transmission parts, electronic peripheral products, car mirrors, rims, and machine tools. In the future, e-Team will continue to invite high-quality manufacturers to join the smart electric vehicle family.
President Neng-shu, Yang of YunTech said: “YunTech has organized teams of professors to develop the key technologies and talent cultivation of smart electric vehicles by developing YunTech ONE ”. These research teams are composed of the R&D Center for Intelligent Electronic Products, Ching-Lung Su, director of the research and development center. The e-Team members will be through industry-academy cooperation to develop internet of vehicles and multimedia applications, vehicle body chassis, exterior and interior design, and talent training class, etc. In the future, YunTech ONE will enter life, and drive the development of smart electric vehicles in the central region.

In order to be more valuable for e-Team membership services, YunTech Gloria team has conducted interactions with National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) through the introduction of the Taiwan Gloria Center. To be mentioned, the two universities use smart electric vehicles as the major of the alliance industry. From YunTech, professor Ching-Lung Su, uses automotive smart security to design automotive electronic systems, constitute a complete solution for the upstream design of smart car electronics software and hardware to the downstream motherboard manufacturing and the final on-street verification of the practical car products; NCHU provides member services with four major themes: battery energy storage, motor drive, electrical energy processing, and electromechanical system integration.

As NCHU, said: "The key technologies of two universities are complementary and can jointly serve the technical development and talent cultivation of member manufacturers." In addition, the attributes of manufacturers are widely distributed in the domestic new energy and electric vehicle upstream and downstream industry chains, the member manufacturers of the two universities will be able to increase product exposure and promote business opportunities for alliance members through new products announcements and international technology exchanges. The practice not only wins the recognition of the alliance members but also believes that the professional technical resources and member services of the two universities can be shared, which will create a new model and mode of cooperation for industry-academy cooperation.