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  • 2021 Nov 16
  • The campus spin-off new venture " Puriblood Medical Co., Ltd." of Chung Yuan Christian University has registered in emerging stock company
Puriblood Medical Co.,Ltd., a campus spin-off company of Chung Yuan Christian University has registered in emerging stock company on November 5, 2021. The founder Prof. Chang Yung、the general manager Chen Yan-Wen and Dr. Jhong Jheng-Fong, are the mentorship. In 2016, the mentor and proteges all decided to loan 1 million NTD from the start of being stationed in the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. Now, Puriblood is an over-the-counter (OTC) company which has a capital of $142 million NTD!
Prof. Chang Yung is the director of the Research and Development Center for Membrane Technology (CMT) of Chung Yuan Christian University. He has dedicated to the field of Bio-membrane applications for more than 15 years. Supported by Chung Yuan Christian University’s R&D platform and entrepreneurial consulting, the R&D team led by Professor Prof. Chang Yung applied for a subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) " Germination Program" in 2012, and took the lead in completing the Leukocyte reduction filter prototype. In 2015, it passed by the "Nurturing Project" of the MOST, successfully put the prototype into the production pilot run phase, also took the technique into market. Finally, Puriblood Biotech was established in January 2016. Since the implementation of the MOST " Germination /Nurturing Program " , it is the first one of publicly issued campus spin-out startup enterprise which has an iconic significance.
Puriblood is the first domestic company with the core technology of blood processing membranes to develop a double-ion technology platform. Its first product leukocyte reduction filter has been approved to the United States and Taiwan market, and it is expected to obtain certification from 5 countries in Southeast Asia this year. Puriblood has developed the "Anticoagulant Leukocyte Removal Filter Series", which is currently the world’s fastest leukocyte reduction filter. A bag of blood can remove more than 99.9% of the leukocyte in just over 7 minutes. It can shorten the blood contact time and increase the activity of red blood cells, so as to accurately filter out the leukocyte in the human blood and greatly improving the safety of blood transfusion. At the same time, it cooperates with Formosa Plastics Corporation to develop various plastic materials with anti-adhesive effects. Combining with Formosa Plastic Corporation existing advantages in plastic production, R&D and vertical integration of channels, it can expand the promotion of P-TEX anti-adhesive materials in various fields. One of the key matchmakers is Mr. Lin Jian-Nan (Jason), the chairman of Formosa Plastics Corporation, and an outstanding alumnus of the Department of Chemistry of Chung Yuan Christian University.
"Entrepreneurship is based on seeing the needs of the market." Prof. Chang Yung chose a hard way. With a background in chemical engineering, he led students to develop the machines and tools needed for production, from the production line to the factory building. Because there is no SOP to follow, so it was really difficult. With more than 40 patents, he has authorized most of them. He believes that only good technologies can become products and facilitate the development of the industry to the good direction.
Chung Yuan Christian University stated that Puriblood Medical Co.,Ltd has developed its own core blood filtration technology, and strives to deepen the competitiveness of Taiwan's medical materials industry. It has won the 2016 "13th National Innovation Award"-"Start-up Enterprise Award", the 2019 "Outstanding Enterprise" by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs and other awards. Puriblood is recognized as the best example of successful campus entrepreneurship.

1: Professor Chang Yung (middle) of Chung Yuan Christian University led students Mr. Chen Yan-Wen (right) and Mr. Jhong Jheng-Fong to set up Puriblood Medical Co.,Ltd, which has a promising future.

2:Professor Chang Yung (middle) led Chung Yuan Christian University's R&D Center of Membrane Technology.

3:Puriblood Medical Co., Ltd's Analysis Room.