New Industries Alliance
  • 2021 Aug 30
  • Industry Academia Cooperation between National Taiwan Ocean University And FongYu Company

National Taiwan Ocean University President Tai-Wen Hsu (left) and Chairman of FongYu Company Jian-Shen Liu (right)
Taiwan's aquaculture fisheries are mainly divided into inland aquaculture fish farms, sea surface aquaculture, and box-net aquaculture. Although the current market in Taiwan is still dominated by capture fisheries, to maintain the sustainable use of the marine resource, aquaculture fisheries have become a key industry in the future. The aquaculture fishery is facing challenges in production caused by extreme climates, which include proper seedling cultivation, special feed formulas, high-density aquaculture, fully automated aquaculture, and precise flavor judge. Therefore, the development of refined aquaculture fisheries is a top priority and it has become the primary goal of all sectors of aquaculture.
Aquaculture fishery is an industry highly affected by the environment and climate. FongYu Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as FongYu Company) has always been the benchmark and leader of the domestic aquaculture industry. Under the impact of the epidemic, the company has accelerated the built of fully automated aquaculture and this system is built to effectively and accurately increase the number of farming harvests. Although indoor breeding farms with a controllable environment have been built, the proportion and number have not yet reached the level to be applied in industry. Therefore, a systematic method is used to match the aquaculture industry database of the GLORIA NTOU, and in the form of technology transfer in stages, NTOU will assist FongYu Company in building its own aquaculture database and soon In the future, it will introduce New Industries Alliance led by NYCU to consolidate resources, and further cooperate with NYCU professor Yi-Bing Lin’s team to carry out the calculation and integration of the AI ​​database, and plan the development direction of the fully automated aquaculture industry according to different environmental changes and every unchangeable factor.
The industry-academic cooperation between FongYu Company and National Taiwan Ocean University will cultivate a new generation of artificial intelligence breeding and breeding technology research talents. By the professional knowledge of the teachers in NTOU and the industry experience of the FongYu Company, it will achieve the combination of learning and application and provide an internship and employment environment for outstanding students of NTOU. In this cooperation, FongYu Company also transferred the two technologies, the intelligent monitoring aquaculture by our school's professor Fan-Hua Nan and electronic tongue flavor grading technology by assistant professor Ying-Ning Ho's, by the application to the industry, it will reduce the risk of aquaculture in a more intelligent and scientific way and improve the overall product quality, it will also affect the classification and selection methods of seafood in the processing industry. These two technologies will affect the process of Taiwan's aquaculture industry to become intellectual.
FongYu Company also joined the international member of GLORIA NTOU. Yu-Song Jheng, The CEO of GLORIA NTOU, said: "We are very looking forward to the industry-academic cooperation and talent cultivation plan with FongYu Company, which will not only inject academic energy into the industry, we will also promote the cultivation of talents in Taiwan's aquaculture and processing industry at the same time. In the future, we hope to bring together the AI ​​expertise of NYCU, the research and development energy of CCU and NIU of functional feed additive raw materials for cross-school industry-academic cooperation, and looking forward the energy of Taiwan's aquaculture industry will be further internationalized!"

The President of NTOU led GLORIA NTOU and Professor Fan-Hua Nan to meet with FongYu Company