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  • 2021 Aug 12
  • NCHU-Hightlight Innovations: Innovative agro waste power integrated microgrid Expand distributed energy at the depth And width
Dr. Keng-Tung Wu, an Associate professor at National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) invented an innovative agro waste gasification power generator integrated microgrids system which can supply power to rural areas. The technology converts agricultural waste into the combustible syngas through an innovative small scale downdraft gasifier. The syngas directly enters the generator set for power generation, without tar and wastewater problems. Afterwards the portable hot swappable batteries charged from the above system are sent to the microgrid systems for supplying electricity to residential communities through using complete renewable biomass energy. The development of this technology enables the separation of biomass power generation facilities and microgrids that can expand the application at the depth and width in the low cost distributed energy.

Dr. Wu said that for example, a 100 kWe gasification power system can convert 500 kg/hr of agricultural waste into 100 kWh of electricity. One hundred of 1.2 kW portable hot swappable lithium batteries charged from above system are installed into 20 sets of 5 kW microgrids system. For the rural areas in Southeast Asia, a 5 kW microgrid system can provide sufficient electricity to support 20 households of 4-member family and two street lamps. As a result, a decentralized power system for a 400-household village is constructed. Moreover, employing portable batteries, there is no need to install a gasification system for each community. The installation cost can also be reduced considerably.

This technology is not only suitable for Taiwanese rural areas, but also for remote villages in Southeast Asian countries suffered from poverty and electricity shortages. It can achieve the Goal 7 of Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.

Flowchart of the innovative agro waste gasification power generator integrated microgrids system

NCHU 100 kWe gasification power generation system