Global Industry Platform of NTU System (T4 GIP)
  • 2021 Jun 23
  • National Taiwan University Held a Seminar on Digital Technologies to Help Industries with Transformation Strategies
Digital Technologies Combined with Smart Management to Prepare for Future Deployment
Digital transformation has been a hot topic for many years. Although many companies are committed to it, it has been a slow journey from the beginning. Global Industry Platform of NTU System and National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office co-held an online seminar on "Digital Transformation and Smart Management" on June 23 to share how to apply digital technologies to the transformation of business models and establish a data-driven, adaptable corporate culture and operating strategy.

Professor Pai-Chi Li, VP of Office of Research and Development, National Taiwan University and Director of National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office said in his opening speech: "Since several years ago, digital transformation has been getting noticed. With the popularization of network infrastructure and the improvement of its efficiency, digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, have also penetrated various aspects of life. In 2020, the impact of COVID-19 urged industries to utilize these digital technologies to improve the efficiency of operating processes, products, and customer experience. Digital transformation has become a weapon for companies to break through the barriers and enhance their competitiveness, hence the seminar today."
The seminar invited three professors from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University to share their research results and industrial experiences in digital technology. They also brought suggestions as to how companies can create a digital transformation deployment plan and strategy, and further apply digital technologies to achieve business and operational goals. The seminar started with Professor Winston Hsu analyzing the development and application of artificial intelligence in machine learning technology, as well as the current bottlenecks and corresponding solutions. He also shared some of his cases of product development and talked about how to apply machine learning technology to develop or improve products and services. Next, Professor Shih-wei Liao introduced the A (Artificial Intelligence), B (Blockchain), C (Cloud Computing), and D (Big Data) in fintech based on some successful cases of digital transformation in the financial industry. Finally, Professor Phone Lin explained how to use big data and machine learning as the core analysis algorithms in the maintenance and operation detection automation, such as real-time detection, malfunction analysis, and resource allocation, etc. to improve system performance and stability.

The seminar closed with some remarks from Grace Chang, CEO of National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office, “Digital transformation is not a one-day journey. In addition to the constantly changing market, companies also have to overcome obstacles that come from technical and cultural changes. Global Industry Platform of NTU System combines the research and development forces of the four universities – National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taiwan Normal University, and Chang Gung University. We actively cooperate with industries to make the adapting process smoother. I am very glad that in this seminar, we had the opportunity to learn about the challenges and experiences of our guests from different industries. I believe through close academia-industry cooperation, we can help companies with digital transformation.” In addition to sharing NTU’s achievements in the field of digital technologies, this seminar also aimed to achieve technology cooperation and build a bridge between industries and academia, thereby creating value-added synergies.