Global Industry Platform of NTU System (T4 GIP)
Global Industry Platform of NTU System (T4 GIP)
Platform composition
  • NTU
  • NTNU
  • CGU
  • MCUT
  • MCU
Major fields
  • Biotechnology & Healthcare
  • Green Energy & Sustainability
  • Intellectual Technology
" Global Industry Platform of NTU System (T4 GIP)" brings together the strengths of seven dynamic comprehensive research institutions, and integrates leading universities of research, vocational, educational, and international into one as a benchmark of Taiwan’s academia. T4 GIP is dedicated to academy-industry cooperation, development of artificial intelligence, strengthening and expanding the research and development capacity in the fields of biomedicine, green energy sustainability, artificial intelligence and more, linking up with well-known international partner schools to jointly promote domestic and international academy-industry cooperation, intelligence property, human resource development and start-up industry.
Membership service
Membership service