New Industries Alliance
Platform composition
  • NYCU
  • NTOU
  • NIU
  • CCU
Major fields
  • We develop new industries and academia-industry collaboration by integrating the technological strengths of the alliance. We focus on the five vertical application fields, including New Transportation, New Bio/Med, New Agriculture, New Green Energy, and New Manufacture.
We combine Taiwan's advantages in the field of semiconductors with the research and development energy of NYCU, NTOU, CCU, and NIU into the industry-university-research ecosystem.

Through the development of five advanced industries, the promotion of industry-university-research resources to the world, and the acceleration of industrial upgrading, we bring higher breakthroughs to Taiwan's technology industry and create new value-based business opportunities.
Membership service
  • Technical exchanging with professors and graduate students
  • Developing academia-industry collaboration
  • Assisting members in recruiting, marketing, and licensing
  • Networking with global partners and alumni
  • Providing professors' research plan and patent abstract
  • Providing chip manufacturing and intellectual property (IP) negotiation services
  • Free alliance seminars
  • Planning annual strategy meeting for companies
  • Creating business opportunities