Taiwan Gloria Center
Platform composition
  • NCHU
  • NTUT
  • TMU
  • NCUE
  • NCYU
  • NCUT
  • THU
  • HKU
Major fields
  • Precision machinery
  • Smart machinery
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Food science and Technology
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Biotechnology and Medicine
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital security
  • Green energy and Optoelectronics.
Taiwan Gloria Center (TGC) stands for 9 universities in North-central Taiwan. It aims to building up a platform to bridge the gap between universities and enterprises by our scientific research on Taiwan six core strategic industries, getting to the end of transition from campus scientific research to industrialization and commercialization.

Taiwan Gloria Center will deeply cultivate the central and northern regions in Taiwan, focusing on agricultural biotechnology, smart machinery and defense industries, AI and digital security, green energy, optoelectronics, biotechnology and Medicine.

TGC actively works together with enterprises to guide the innovation and added value of Taiwan's technology industry by providing services such as talent training, business matchmaking, transfer of technology and fund raising for start-up teams. Also, by strengthening the cross-university integration and collaboration, TGC can fill the technological gap and create a new value chain to industry. Moreover, TGC is dedicated to develop its global linkage with corporations all over the world. Overseas companies are more than welcome to contact TGC for any cooperation.
Membership service
Customized service, Technology matching, Global connection, Industry-academic cooperation, Expert consultant, Conference and exhibition, Testing services, Facility Resources, New Venture, Talent cultivation, Database resources