Southern Taiwan GLORIA
Platform composition
  • KMU
  • NUK
  • ISU
Major fields
  • Biomedical technology
  • Civil strategical technology
  • Marine and agricultural technology
  • High-value material technology
Southern Taiwan Global Research & Industry Alliance (ST GLORIA) is led by National Sun Yat-sen University, along with Kaohsiung Medical University, National University of Kaohsiung, National Pingtung University, and I-Shou university. As the first cross-academic alliance in Taiwan performing innovative technologies cooperation, ST GLORIA aims at four major fields mentioned above to maximize the synergy.

In addition to enhance research and development capacity of alliance universities, ST GLORIA also team up with prestigious technology transfer platform, IN-PART, in England for global broadcasting purpose. The academic technology developed thoroughly by managers in-charge then suited up tailor-made marketing strategies will lay a firm foundation for autonomous running of ST GLORIA, as requested.

Not only thinks globally, ST GLORIA also acts locally. To comply with the government policies, ST GLORIA is currently sharing academic-industrial bindings with several export processing zones(EPZ) in Tainan, Kaohsiung area. The core competence of these EPZ companies will be fortified and more revenues will be generated by these efforts.
Membership service
ST GLORIA pledges to meet the R&D needs with innovative technologies and solve industrial problems with academic resources. To ensure the quality service of ST GLORIA, there are four membership selections for domestic and overseas industries. Membership fees and relative service provided are listed in the graph.