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  • 2021 Jan 26
  • AcBel Polytech Inc.National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) established a joint research center on electric vehiclegreen energy development, aiming to become the next “National Guardian”
A joint research center, “NTHU-AcBel- Research Center,” was set up by AcBel Polytech Inc. and NTHU on January 25, 2021, with an annual investment of NTD 10 million to be made by AcBel Polytech within 5 years. The establishment was attributable to the joint efforts of R&D Chief Fan-Gang Tseng, Dean Chih-Huang Lai of College of Engineering, Professor Da-Jeng Yao, CEO Bruce Li of GLORIA Operation Center, and the industrial experts, with the support of Ministry of Technology.
The center will integrate the industrial resources of AcBel Polytech and the academic resources of NTHU Five College Consortium (NTHU, National Chengchi University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Feng Chia University and Tamkang University), dedicated to the technical R&D and product development of electric vehicles and green energy integration system. Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis will also be applied in smart manufacturing, advanced production, quality optimization, and other programs.
AcBel Polytech believed that the establishment and operation of this center will bring massive and advanced research resources to AcBel Polytech, exponentially boost the growth of the existing R&D power of the industry, prompting a solid foundation for it to seek cooperation and orders with first-class international plants; for the NTHU Five College Consortium, the prototype design of its research lab can receive verification and feedback from the mass production and commercial transfer of the industry, so it can further understand and revise the theory. In this way, it not only builds up the confidence in prospective research, but also enables students to verify what they have learned in class and expand their vision.
AcBel Polytech Inc. takes the initiative to invest and settle in Taiwan, with the expectation to achieve substantial growth through cooperation with NTHU Five College Consortium. It also hopes to further cultivate Taiwan market and train talents for its future development to deepen its enterprise competitiveness, create a model of international cooperation in green energy industry, and become the next “National Guardian” in Taiwan.

Establishment and official running of the AcBel-NTHU Research Center

General Manager Chie-Li Hsu of AcBel Polytech (left) and Vice President Hsin-Wen Chen (right) in the unveiling ceremony