National Tsing Hua University Scientific Research Industrialization Platform of Five Universities Alliance
  • 2021 Feb 01
  • National Tsing Hua University Established Five College Consortium to Build a Platform for Scientific Research Achievements in Industrialization
With the support of the project, the platform for scientific research achievements in industrialization held by Ministry of Science and Technology, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) established five college consortium. Today (January 27, 2021), NTHU signed a letter of intent with National Chengchi University (NCCU), Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU), Feng Chia University (FCU), and Tamkang University (TKU). By integrating five colleges’ complementary specialization fields, forming a key technical team, and promoting industry demand-oriented industry-academia cooperation, domestic enterprises and academia can jointly invest in forward-looking technology research and development; promote different forms of thematic industry-academia cooperation to facilitate scientific research achievements in industrialization and further expand substantive exchanges of research and teaching between universities.
Principal He Chen of our school said that many Chinese auspicious words begin with "five," for example, the five blessings will have descended upon the house and the family will be prosperous for five generations right on end. The plum blossoms in Dr. Mei Memorial Garden are mostly five petals. Connecting five schools will surely achieve great results.
Professor Ming-Hua Hsieh from the Department of Risk Management and Insurance (NCCU) said that, the industry-academia cooperation between NCCU and the financial industry has been established for several years, so they can provide experience in financial business management cooperation. He also said that NTHU has strong R&D development and hoped that joining the consortium can promote technological exchanges and enhance the technological R&D capacity of NCCU.
Ben-Chang Hsieh, Vice President of FJU, described himself as the force of industry-academia cooperation. By learning from the model consortiums, FJU can strengthen its industry-academia and international linkage energy and give feedback to the platform.
Bing-Jean Lee, President of FCU, stated that FCU is dedicated to strategic core industries, for instance, national defense and the people's livelihood. They can become a niche point to introduce technical resources for college consortium and to connect local enterprises, which can prosper the industrial capacity of the central region.
Chii-Dong Ho, Vice President of TKU, uses 270,000 TKU alumni as one of the strong backup of the consortium platform, connects abundant industry contacts and skills, transforms them into substantial industry-academia cooperation, and leads the industry.

Tsing Hua Five College Consortium will devote itself to strategic service projects, for example, the creation of industry-academia cases, the maintenance and promotion of technology transfer patents, the cultivation of high-level talents, and the fundraising of start-up teams, so as to increase the benefits of industry-academia services for five colleges and to establish a network and system. The community then can share resources and make the best use of the material to link with the world and finally reach the goal of sustainable operation.

▲The Five College Consortium led by NTHU was established under the support of the MOST Program on Platforms Platform for Industrialization of Scientific Research Achievements. On 27th, NTHU signed a letter of intent with National Chengchi University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Feng Chia University and Tamkang University

▲Photo after signing ceremony of the Five College Consortium