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  • 2020 Nov 12
  • National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology set up a brand image pavilion at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo to strive for opportunities in medical devices
In order to connect with potential industry-academia collaboration partners and promote branding, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology sets up an “NTUST Pavilion” at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo, aiming to showcase its R&D capabilities in biomedical innovation and expand into the international medical industry.   The Taiwan Healthcare Expo is held on the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from December 3 to 6.  NTUST showcases 12 innovative technologies from 10 teams to demonstrate the capabilities of industry, academia and research institute collaboration from Taiwan's top university. 
NTUST gathers technologies developed by its Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology and 3D Printing Center, and showed the highlights and results including "Non-stick, antibacterial and durable medical devices" developed by Distinguished Professor Jinn P. Chu, whose team developed a technology to apply a metallic glass coating invisible to the naked eye on the surface of needles which can be used in minimally invasive surgery, relatively speeding up wound healing.  The "Digital scanning and mold repair, design and manufacturing technology platform" from the High Speed 3D Printing Research Center provides a variety of advanced printing technologies that can facilitate the pre- and post-processes in the development of prototyping and mass production of medical devices, further improving the design and mass production possibilities of innovative devices.  Distinguished Professor Huang-Jen Chiu, who won the Future Tech Award this year, and his team developed a "High-power wireless charging system" which can reach more than 25 cm in transmission distance and more than 94% in conversion efficiency and can be used in healthcare institutes and unmanned transportation in the future.  Professor Ai-Ho Liao won the National Innovation and Advancement Award and Future Tech Award with her "Vaccine incorporating ultrasonic and microbubble used in the treatment of respiratory tract infections through the transdermal introduction and atomized microbubble drugs," which showed the external use of microbubble combined medical devices to stimulate hair growth and wound healing and enhance drug delivery in the inner ear.  There are also "Wearable rings and wristbands" developed by Professor Hsin Hsiu to detect chronic diseases, "Non-contact physiological signal measurement technology" from Professor Yuan-Hsiang Lin, "NTUST surgery implant and guide medical materials development platform" from Professor Shang-Chih Lin, "3D printing scanner" from Professor Tzung-Han Lin, "Sports equipment validation and smart action care platform" from Professor Wei-Chun Hsu and "3D printing technology to establish human digestive tract drug testing platform" from Professor Chen-Yu Kao.
The “NTUST Pavilion,” organized by the NTUST Global Research & Industry Alliance, provides diverse industry-academia collaboration opportunities for school teams and helps them commercialize their innovative technologies and transform businesses.  It effectively gains insights into the R&D capabilities of the school and plays the role of a matchmaker to help enterprises find the most suitable collaboration method.  It is hoped that it will drive the industry to bring resources and needs to academia, further jointly building an industry-academia-research institute innovation ecosystem.
In order to accelerate the collaboration between the academic community and the industry, an opening ceremony and high tea session will be held at the “NTUST Pavilion” at 2 p.m. on December 3.  A full-day R&D technology presentation will be held on December 4.  All cross-domain and cross-industry practitioners at home or abroad are welcomed to participate in the one-on-one discussions to understand NTUST's R&D technologies and explore potential opportunities.   If you want to know more about our R&D capabilities, please visit Booth #L1210 on the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from December 3 to 6.

List of Participating Teams

Booth No. Technique Title Team Name
1 Non-stick, antiadhesive and durable medical tools Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NTUST
2 Ring type and wrist-belt type wearable devices College of Applied Sciences/ Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, NTUST
3 Technical Platform of Digital Scanning, Modifying, Design, and Printing High Speed Printing Research Center, NTUST
4 Commercial Platform of Surgical Implants and Personalized Guide, NTUST College of Applied Sciences/ Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, NTUST
5 High Power Wireless Charging System Center for Power Electronic Technologies, NTUST
6 A Badminton Training and Activities Recognition System BEST Lab, NTUST
6 Contactless Physiological Signals Measurement BEST Lab, NTUST
7 A composite ultrasound medical device for microbubble vaccines the sputtering lysozyme microbubble for trachea therapy College of Applied Sciences/ Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering, NTUST; National Defense Medical Center
8 Smart Sports Healthcare Equipment Verification Technology Platform Movement Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Engineering Lab., NTUST
9 A 3D Printed Gastrointestinal Simulator as The Drug Evaluation Platform Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Lab, NTUST
10 Fast 3D foot measurement device Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology, NTUST
10 3D Teeth scanner Graduate Institute of Color and Illumination Technology, NTUST