Taipei Medical University1.0
  • 2020 Jul 02
  • TMU And MOST Organize Academia–Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project to Promote Translation of Biomedical Research And DevelopmentImplement Diversified Industrial Applications
To promote the industrialization of biomedical technology and to strengthen the resource links of government projects, Taipei Medical University (TMU) collaborated with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to organize the MOST Academia–Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project and TMU Technology Matchmaking event. During the event, eight institutions, including Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Health Research Institutes, National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Metal Industries Research and Development Center, Plastics Industry Development Center, Institute for Information Industry, and Commerce Development Research Institute were invited to consult and communicate with 16 TMU technological teams with potential. More than 40 sessions of one-on-one matchmaking with the institutions were arranged, and the resulting interactions were extremely enthusiastic.
TMU has been dedicated to promoting the business transfer of new research and development achievements. In the 2014 academic year, TMU began building an industrialization platform for research and development achievement through TMU SPARK. With five core strategies, namely promotion of technological innovation, commercialization and industrialization of research and development achievements, integration of innovative resources, cultivation of innovative entrepreneurship, and international links, TMU actively promotes biomedical translation and interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance the innovation, application, and industrial value of technologies. In recent years, TMU has collaborated with the Global Research and Industry Alliance to further connect with overseas markets and international resources, expand the biomedical influence of TMU, and establish a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem for biotechnology.
To expand resource links for technological industrialization and enhance collaboration with institutions, in 2020, TMU co-organized the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Joint Source Exploration and Technology Matchmaking event with MOST’s Academia–Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project for the first time. In addition to exploring projects with potential for industrialization, TMU connected with upstream academic research and downstream industry manufacturers, integrated industry–academia collaboration capacity, and jointly established a biomedical technology industrial chain to generate greater economic value.