Taipei Medical University
  • 2020 Jul 02
  • TMU Joins Interuniversity Technology Transfer Project Worth Millions to Incite the Functional Beverage Market
With the aims to generate economic momentum to launch innovative collaborations with the industry and to commercialize the research and development achievements of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University (TMU) and China Medical University (CMU) completed the first domestic interuniversity joint patent authorization and signed a NT$10 million technology transfer contract with Young Energy Source Co. Ltd. The patent for their research results and industry–academia collaboration was announced on June 5. Chun-Yi Tu, Deputy Director General of the Department of Academia–Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs; Professor Chieh-Hsi Wu, Vice President of TMU; Dr. Chih-Kuan Wu, CEO of CMU’s Global Research and Industry Alliance; and Chin-Yuan Chen, Chairman of Young Energy Source Co. Ltd. were invited to attend the event.
The technology transfer project was developed by Wu while undertaking a Ministry of Science and Technology project during his tenure at CMU and TMU. He continued to work on the development and patenting of water extracts for improving hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and obesity. Dr. Wu stated that the invention is a health drink that provides natural dietary supplements composed of 100% natural food ingredients, which can be used to improve health.
The health drink jointly developed by TMU and CMU uses six natural ingredients, namely white celery, wood ear fungus, mushrooms, roselle, Chinese hawthorn, and plum extract. The exclusive formula has been awarded two patents in Taiwan and one in the United States. In addition to offering a sweet and refreshing tea aroma, the drink is beneficial for maintaining one’s health and promoting metabolism.