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Taipei Tech and Sinotech Engineering Consultants Inc. join hands on the development and skills exchange of the offshore wind power. Both sides signed an MOU of industry-academic collaboration in March. Taipei Tech President Sea-Fue Wang and Sinotech Director Shen-Hsien Chen, as the representatives of both sides, make their departure to the common goals of realizing carbon reduction and taking a leading place in the green power industries in Taiwan.

Taipei Tech and Sinotech signed an MOU on offshore wind power collaboration.

Sinotech was founded in 1970. It has contributed to quite a few major constructions in Taiwan for decades, including the hydropower, the hydraulic infrastructures, the Ten Major Construction Projects, the MRT systems, the science and technology districts, the High-Speed Rail, the incinerators, and the nuclear power plants in Taiwan. It is also worth a mention that Sinotech made a successful first in Taiwan on self-designed substation systems of the offshore power plants.
According to Chen, the collaboration encompasses environment investigation, manufacturing, authentications technologies, and wind farm management. Chen expects to build localized core technologies and industry chains that are ready for the enormous global market. The industry-academic collaboration with Taipei Tech, he thinks, is a steady start to the fulfillment of the expectation, and will have further joint projects in the future.
President Wang indicates the significance of Taipei Tech as the provider of expertise and applicable skills to the public sectors. The remote structure monitoring system, for instance, can be attributed to the technologies integration carried out by Professor Yu-Chi Sung, Dean of Taipei Tech College of Engineering. The system is functioning well for the renowned extradosed bridge at Yong-An Fish Harbor and Baimi Viaduct at Suhua Highway. The collaboration with Sinotech today, said Wang, is enriching Taipei Tech’s capabilities in offshore wind power and marine engineering.