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  • 2020 May 27
  • Global Research&Industry Alliance NTNU AND CTCI Foundation collaborate to cultivate Taiwan’s high-end talent education
The Global Research&Industry Alliance NTNU visited CTCI Foundation in April, led by NTNU Vice Principal Yao-Ting Sung, accompanied by President for R&D Office Ying-Shao Hsu, Associate Vice President for R&D Office Chia-Jung Lu, Department of Chemistry Professor I-Jy Chang, Research Associate Zhao-Xi Huang and the CEO of Global Research&Industry Alliance NTNU Ya-Ping Lin. The aim of the visit is to expand collaboration opportunities through more mutual understanding. The visit was received by CTCI Foundation President Wen-Ent Pan, CEO Paul Chen, Director Hsien-Cheng Yang, Director Jin-Guu Wang, Division Director Allison Lo, and Division Director Chih Lung Lin. Participants of this meeting are from various fields, not only from the two major centers of CTCI Foundation, Center for Engineering and Education, and Research Center for Energy and Industry, but also the department members from planning and administration. It helps agitate for extensive communication on how to strengthen the collaboration between two parties and the service provided by Global Research&Industry Alliance NTNU.
CTCI Foundation was established on October 12, 1959, commits itself to introducing cutting-edge knowledge of science and technology, cultivating talents, assisting domestic and overseas economic development ,and enhancing productivities of manufacturing industries. Ever since its establishment, CTCI Foundation has played the most critical role in various national economic development projects, provide consultancy pertinent to environment protection and energy. While building trustworthy and professional think tank platform, CTCI Foundation has sponsored more than NT 10 million of scholarships programs awarded to the talented professionals. Furthermore, CTCI Foundation has transformed itself into public welfare think-tank, accomplished 123 projects ranging from environment, energy, climate change, resource management, industry development, cross-strait communication and social science technology, and gave great advices in formulating the government policies.
President Wen-Ent Pan of CTCI Foundation is an outstanding alumni of Taiwan Normal University. Since he took office as President of CTCI Foundation in 2009, he played a key role on transforming CTCI Foundation into a think tank. For many years, the CTCI Foundation has focused on cultivating various fields of talents, providing scholarships to many outstanding young talents to continue their studies , many scholarship winners also have excellent performance in various industries. In addition to scholarship programs, CTCI Foundation also provides funding for the Taiwan Normal University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, to nurture more entrepreneurial and marketing talents who will with high forward-looking, insight and innovative ability. The participants contains the university department and research departments student of National Taiwan University(NTU), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(NTUST) and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) who not limited to departments and backgrounds.
For follow-up, Both parties will actively promote cooperation,through the Global Research&Industry Alliance NTNU hold lectures and invite outstanding  CTCI Foundation scholarships winners who are great entrepreneurs or leaders of the industries  ( such as Stan Shi, Qing-Zhi Xiao, and Zhi-Yong Chen ) to share their experience and successful stories, so the younger generation  have the chance to learn from winners’ success and apply to their own career path.
Group photo in the meeting room