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  • 2020 Apr 24
  • Congratulations Professor Chang, Chung-Ming of Chang Gung University And Hawke Company were selected as SmartLabs Industry Accelerator Program
SmartLabs is an accelerator focused on business and R & D. Since its establishment in 2015, it has expanded 6 locations in Boston and San Francisco, and has cooperated with 20 major pharmaceutical companies including Novartis and Roche for about 70% of early research . SmartLabs mentored seven teams to go public in the past three years, and raised a total of US $ 7 billion in funding, with a 28% success rate. The world-renowned gene editing companies, including Editas Medicine and CRISPR Therapeutics, are unicorn companies that SmartLabs has nurtured.
This year, the MOST specially invited SmartLabs to Taiwan for the selection teams. The teams selected in the first phase will be able to participate in domestic courses, and the second phase will receive grants from the MOST to participate in training courses in the United States. The team recommended by GLORIA is Professor Chang, Chung-Ming
of Chang Gung University and Hawke Scientific Co., Ltd, the incubator of Chang Gung University Incubation Center. The MOST announced on March 25, 2020 that the recommended team was accepted.
Hawk mainly uses Real-Time qPCR core technology for animal and plant gene and pathogen detection services. Currently, it has developed a number of test products and meristematic reagents, which can be applied to rapid detection of animal and plant genes and diseases. Through SmartLabs providing resources for incubation centers, Hawk will participate in domestic and international training courses, which will greatly help future operations.
International Accelerator SmartLabs Establishes First Overseas Office in Taiwan