National Taiwan Normal University1.0
  • 2020 Apr 16
  • Courtesy Call from GLORIA Office of National Taiwan Normal University:Ace EduLink
Ace EduLink, one of NTNU GLORIA members, is affiliated with the Samebest Digital Cultural and Creative Group, which is the largest after-class education group in Taiwan and listed at Taiwan emerging stock market in 2019. On February 20th, leaded by the Vice President Yao-Ting Sung, the GLORIA office invited NTNU faculties from education related departments, including Professor Po-Hsi Chen, Professor Jon-Chao Hong and Assistant Professor I-Wei Lai, to visit Ace EduLink. Senior managers of Samebest Digital Cultural and Creative Group, such as President Calvin Shih, Vice President Mitchell Tsao, Chairman Allen Wu, and Chief Operating Officer Joseph Chu. joined the discussion.
First, Chairman Wu and Vice President Tsao of Ace EduLink guided the group to the professional multimedia studios to demonstrate the teaching recording process, and Chairman Wu then revealed the company update and vision. During the meeting, President Calvin Shih addressed that due to the current epidemic development, the company will provide free online education services to the students for studying at home while quarantine.
In the meeting, the professors provided their professional views in the teaching field. Professor Jon-Chao Hong, who has won the Outstanding Research Award 2016 of the Ministry of Science and Technology, introduced his long-time research on the influence of learners’ characteristics on situation and cognition, the design of learning environment based on learning situation and cognition, and the application of technology and technical education. Professor Hong has 3 US patents, 16 Republic of China patents, and 6 mainland China patents since 2014. Through promoting STEAM competitions, these technologies proved to successfully cultivate students’ application and thinking capabilities. Professor Hong developed 7 education game apps, including Chinese and science, to activate students' learning motivation and improve learning results.
Assistant Professor I-Wei Lai, who has vigorously promoted literacy education in mathematics, shared his views on literacy education. Professor Lai is also the co-founder of the mathematics education organization "Mathematics Sense Lab", and has published many articles about integrating mathematics into life which hopefully changed people's stereotypes of mathematics. Since literacy education is the main theme of the new curriculum of K7-12 education, the issues of literacy mathematics education also attracted by the attendees.
Finally, Sambest expressed that they will pursue further industry-academia cooperation and technology transferal opportunities with NTNU under the coordination of NTNU GLORIA office. NTNU GLORIA emphasized that collaborating with our members, we will dedicate to building an eco-system for domestic education industry development.