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Diamond Nano-Biochem Co., Ltd. is a chemical industry, which was founded in 1973. And, in 2010, Diamond Nano-Biochem Co., Ltd. established Agricultural Science and Technology Department. The new department applies the nano-technology on agricultural materials to develop a series of calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide fertilizers. Moreover, it provides diverse services through the R&D of nano-technology, Plant pathology, Pest Control, and other formula and so on. Diamond has been loyal to National Chung Hsing University GLORIA for many years. From the establishment of GLORIA, Diamond Nano-Biochem Co., Ltd. is the first GLORIA member until now within these three years. It has a long-term industry-university cooperation with campus professors.
Professor Jenn-Wen Huang and Associate Professor Tzu-Pi Huang, from the Department of Plant Pathology of NCHU, cooperated the R&D of the beneficial microorganisms, Streptomyces Parvulus, and transferred to Diamond successfully. The team of Associate Professor Tzu-Pi Huang spent a long-term R&D to find this local strain. Through 16s rRNA sequence analysis and ISP, The International Streptomyces Project, series medium identification, this strain will produce the Antibiotics, like antinomycin D, which is similar to S. parvulus NBRC 13191 and S. parvulus BCRC 12460s. It has the antagonism ability to various human opportunistic pathogens. And on the agricultural application, Streptomyces Parvulus can against several plant pathogenic bacteria, oomycetes, and fungus, such as Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris, Xanthomonas citri subsp. Citri, Xanthomonas oryzae, Phytophthora capsici, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, and Fusarium oxysporum. Moreover, after the Inoculation trials, Streptomyces Parvulus do not have any phytotoxicity. Thus, under this circumstances, Professor Jenn-Wen Huang and Associate Professor Tzu-Pi Huang create the qualified antibiotic of cultivated formula, which is suitable for using in plant protection preparations.
The president of Diamond Nano-Biochem Co., Ltd., Mr. Tung Wu Lin, mentioned that the transferred microorganism will be combined with their own fermentation technology and formula. And, they will start the certification and production of the product microbial preparation to improve soil environment and crop growth. President Lin emphasizes the bilateral cooperation with NCHU, and will have long-term research on the application of crop growth and pest control. Besides, they will invest more research resource on development of feed additives to improve aquatic growth. Thus, we GLORIA expects the Agricultural Science and Technology Department of Diamond Nano-Biochem Co., Ltd. will create diverse and competitive product to a win-win situation.

Diamond Nano-Biochem. Technical Cooperation Guidance by National Chung Hsing University was held on 12th, March, 2020. The main attendees, from left to right, were: 1) the manager of NCHU GLORIA, Mr. Chu (left one,) 2) Professor Jen-Fon JEN of the Department of Chemistry of NCHU (left third,) 3) Professor Jenn-Wen Huang of the Department of Plant Pathology of NCHU (left fifth,) 4) The president of Diamond Nano-Biochem Co., Ltd., Mr. Tung Wu Lin (left sixth,) 5) Associate Professor Tzu-Pi Huang of the Department of Chemistry of NCHU (left eighth,) 6) Professor Feng-Jehng Wang of the Department of Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering of NCHU (left nighth.)

NCHU Professor Jenn-Wen Huang and Associate Professor Tzu-Pi Huang issued the technology transfer certificate to The president of Diamond Nano-Biochem Co., Ltd., Mr. Tung Wu Lin on 9th,April, 2020.