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The first batch of the Demo Day was run by Startup CEO program, promoted by Global Research & Industry Alliance, Chung Yuan Christian University (GLORIA, CYCU). The Demo Day was held at Innovation Pilot Center for Theory in Practice, CYCU on March 25th, 2020. The ten topics of groups of students ranged from communication, cultural and creative design, biotechnology and medicine, smart technology, educational innovation to social enterprise. After a four-month training of presenting fundable pitches with prototypes, students of CYCU were able to demonstrate the enormous capabilities for venturing businesses.
There were ten groups of students presenting their products. In the field of communication, LiveGo group created an integral system of an online streaming for placing orders on Facebook, and Lai Te group, smart switch application. In the field of cultural and creative design, ArtBuu group developed unique cloth pattern, which makes it a lifestyle fashions brand for Taiwan. In the field of biotechnology and medicine, Fu Meng bio-medical group devised food formula that can regulate blood glucose and lipid and block blue light. Fu Tt Ke group created a model that reduces sport injury through Internet of Things (IoT). In the field of smart technology, YUCM group rolled out a gutter cover that prevents mosquitoes and odor. In the field of social enterprise, Green Hive & Huo Yuan Marketing group invented biodegradable plastic bags and helped rural areas establish sustainable business model, which provides local placemaking services.
Startup CEO program aims to connect entrepreneurial teams of CYCU with angel investor and online venture capital resources by the Demo Day. The program encourages entrepreneurial teams to fully cooperate with angel investors and venture capital. The chairman of the board Ms. Chien, Shu-Chen of Taipei Angels Investment indicated that all the topics of different fields are wonderful with great blueprints. The entrepreneurial teams should be aware of the future market size. They are suggested to know more the competitive products in the market. Also, they should exchange ideas with each other and seize the resources of CYCU. By Startup CEO program, we increase the capabilities for venturing businesses and enhance the possibility of starting a successful undertaking.
Ten entrepreneurial teams, angel investors, and venture capital were invited to the Demo Day, including SmartCapital Co-Founder and Taipei Angels Investment. SmartCapital Co-Founder provides funding opportunities for entrepreneurial teams of CYCU. In order to encourage the teams to keep venturing, the angels and venture capital voted for the top three fundable pitches and awarded them commendation. Through the cooperation with the school and the angels, our teams have one of the friendliest entrepreneurial environment.

The teams of Startup CEO program demonstrate the capabilities for venturing businesses

Fu Tt Ke group were presenting fundable pitches.