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  • 2020 Apr 16
  • Another wave of Entrepreneurship in southern Taiwan: NSYSUGLORIA worked together to host the event of “Cross-School Start-Up Pitch Day 2020,” which highlighted the start-ups in southern Taiwan.
The “GLORIA,” which consists of five schools in Kaohsiung city and Pingtung County led by the NSYSU began to work with “Taiwan Angel Club” and “Angel Investor Organization (Branch in southern Taiwan)”on the event of “Southern Taiwan Entrepreneurship Series 3 - Cross-School Start-Up Pitch Day 2020," which aims to assist the technical teams that have received coaching from GLORIA to communicate with outside investors and show the start-up energy in southern Taiwan. On the day when the event was held, 12 investors showed up to conduct exchanges with 7 start-up teams from the NSYSU, KMU and NKUST. 12 observers also attended the event. A total of 45 people attended the event. It is expected that this event can facilitate the interaction between the technical teams and investors, and demonstrate the amazing start-up energy of southern Taiwan, as well as GLORIA's determination and attitude to actively build the start-up ecosystem for southern Taiwan.

The CEO of GLORIA named CHANG, SHIH-NAN who actively promoted this event said, "We particularly thank Taiwan Angel Club, Angel Investor Organization (Branch in southern Taiwan) and Kaohsiung Industrial Development Association (KIDA) for their willingness to fully support this event despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic around the globe. At the same time, we are also very grateful for the enthusiastic participation of 7 start-up teams, so that the first Pitch Day can go smoothly this year. In fact, southern Taiwan has a powerful start-up energy and academic research techniques. If start-up teams can communicate with investment partners through GLORIA (a domestic and international industry-university-academia platform), it will generate greater benefits."

This time, the “Pitch Day” event especially focused on two areas: Smart Biomedicine and Smart Materials and Manufacturing. In terms of Smart Biomedicine, a total of 3 teams were participating to introduce 3 advanced technologies, including the precision medical testing kits for women's diseases and cancer deterioration, virtual clinical diagnosis and training system combining practical training and clinical testing, and the stem cell therapy for degenerative arthritis in pets. In terms of smart materials and manufacturing, a total of 4 teams were participating to share 4 dedicated technologies, including the smart window film that provides multiple functions such as transparency, heat insulation, shadowing and image display, special semiconductor process technology, construction engineering information integration technology, and lightweight smart electric assisted bicycle power kit solution. On the event day, the agenda included two parts. First, 7 teams briefly explained the technical details for 10 minutes. In the 2nd phase, the teams had face-to-face interactions with the investors for 15 minutes. Later, the managers of GLORIA also proactively helped the investors to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with the teams. If you are interested in the above-mentioned teams and their technologies, you are welcome to contact the office of GLORIA at

[Figure 1] Matchmaking and exchange event hosted by GLORIA

[Figure 2] Short technical reports provided by the teams.

[Figure 3] Face-to-face interaction between the teams and investors.