National Taiwan Normal University
  • 2020 Mar 18
  • National Taiwan Normal University in Bett 2020 Show, to demonstrate Innovative Technologies
The London British Educational Training and Technology Show (Bett), which began in 1985, is a global hub for technology, practice and creativity. The show has deeply cultivated in education-related technologies (EdTech) and undertakings in these 35 years, so it has provided a great platform for exhibition and cooperation opportunities for the education technology industry. The scope of the exhibit is grand, including online courses and distance learning equipment, laboratory equipment, training aids, and a variety of education-related software and hardware facilities. The four-day Bett show 2020, held in 22-25 January 2020, is quite impressive, with the world-renowned technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, etc. all show high-quality educational products, which people are really amazed at.
In order to promote our innovative technology to the global market, NTNU also participated in the show, presenting Professor Yao-Ting Sung's Smart Chinese Learning Platform and Professor Chun-Yen Chang's Cloud Classroom System in this global exhibition.

School staff took a group photo in front of the exhibition booth

The Smart Chinese Learning Platform developed by Professor Yao-Ting Sung extracted the systematic context of Chinese character teaching from the "Chinese Character Knowledge Database" established by NTNU, and pioneered the animation intuitive learning method to reverse the myth of traditional Chinese characters are more difficult than simplified Chinese characters. At the same time, Professor Sung’s team also have developed Chinese phonetic and tone constituent unit identification and correction technology for foreign learners, and developed artificial intelligent Chinese ASR, TTS, and big data analysis deep learning technologies, which include all initials, finals, and tone combinations. The accuracy of the pronunciation diagnosis of single word and phrases is as high as 91% and 70%, respectively. In addition, the world’s only automated multi-dimensional Chinese reading ability adaptive test has been developed that can dynamically adjust the selection of the next question at any time based on individual students ’online answers. In a relatively short test time, it would learn the subjects’ ability to read in the five reading dimensions and has the technical connotation of becoming a Chinese TOEFL. Not only that, this platform also has the most accurate Leveled Chinese Reading System technology. In the past three years, the system has analyzed about one million college entrance examination essays scored by experts and more than 6,000 books at all levels and area (including textbooks at all levels). For general texts and domain knowledge texts, the system can quickly and accurately score into six levels. Moreover, the correctness of its automatic essay scoring technology is comparable to that of a real person and use only half the amount of data than the current commercial English systems (such as TOEFL e-rater) on the market. Through artificial intelligence learning algorithms, the system can build a writing scoring model with the same accuracy.
In today's era of internet and smart devices, teaching methods have evolved. Cloud Classroom (CCR) developed by Professor Chun-Yen Chang converts smartphones and tablets into thought-provoking classroom interaction tools, allowing students to express their ideas in the classroom with confidence. In addition, it allows teachers to know each student’s learning status in real-time, which make the learning and teaching more effective. In 2019, CCR reached a new milestone. It developed the IRS game mode (Gamified Electronic Audience Response System, GEARS). Teachers can shorten or lengthen the permitted response time, provide rewards for students’ correct answers, and set available props. The system has been serving online for more than 4 years, and 15 multi-language versions have been developed. To date, approximately 55,000 teachers and students have registered in CCR, and more than 600,000 classroom activities have been conducted on this platform. We are honored to be selected as “An Exemplar Institution” in the 2019 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report. CCR was selected from over 60 submissions from various institutions in the United States and internationally.
During Bett 2020 Show, NTNU GLORIA Office successfully connected the school teams with varieties of market opportunities, such as the relevant industries, international channels, schools at all levels that visited the exhibition and educators from all over the world. The experience will definitely help the Office develop aggressive strategies for school technology teams and establish industrial alliance eco system in the future.