National Taiwan University
  • 2020 Mar 18
  • NTU ILO organized AUONTU Center for Artificial IntelligenceAdvanced Robotics visit with positive feedback.
"Artificial intelligence" is the focus of development in the next century. NTU (National Taiwan University) established      ”Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics     ” to develop research in related fields. At the same time, AUO is actively promote the development in AI as well.
AUO joined the membership of NTU ILO last year since      the customized services NTU could provide are      crucial for their innovations. AUO proposes visiting school-level research centers and establishing research centers which creates win-win situation for both NTU and AUO.
NTU ILO arranges AUO’s managers to visit the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics at NTU on Feb. 10th. During the visit, Prof. Pei-Chun Lin from Department of Mechanical Engineering introduced the development of biomorphic robot.                       The core of his study being motor mechanism (movement & operation), his team explores      the internal links and extending it into practical applications, and using AI to replace the traditional stylized way to drive the wheel-foot compound robot and robotic arm, which greatly reduce hardware complexity     .
Prof. Jyh-Shing Roger Jang from division of AI Theory and Application introduced the acoustic technology that can achieve vocal separation of raw songs and extended recognition technology for different sounds to improve the availability of process equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
Furthermore, the Director of Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, Prof. Li-Chen Fu, introduced his team to AUO the “Comfort Robot” in the “Reality Application Classroom.”      The team is currently developing      long-term care assistanse      robot      for photo content identification. The robot is mainly used to ask questions about the people, events and features in      photos to stimulate the elderly to recall the situation at the time and to talk with them.  This effectively promote the happiness of its users. At present, the synchronous test in      long-term care facilities      have achieved quite positive feedback.

Photo 1Director of Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics, Prof. Li-Chen Fu, introducing the center.

Photo 2: Robot showcase

Lastly, Prof. Meng-Shiun Tsai’s team introduced the system's various      parts, software and hardware functions, which offers remote monitoring of the machine's productivity from the cloud interface, and the current status of the machine, including the position of each servo axis and the speed of the spindle. It can also capture external sensors simultaneously and integrate all information for intelligent function development.
During the visit, the guests responded enthusiastically and took the initiative to      to raise questions      for the professors’research and development ideas. They also exchanged views on the feasibility of establishing a research center based on the existing  resources of NTU in the future.

Photo 3:Corporate member: AUO board proposing their ideas

Photo 4Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Robotics introducing their equipments