Taipei Medical University

We are excited to welcome 20 new startups into our latest batch with our acceleration program which collaborate with Be Capital. As this is the largest cohort that we together have onboarded, this program we have will be slightly extended and run over five months. We believe that this will give our startups more time to engage with our hospital resource as they look to establish pilot sites across Taiwan.
TMU Biomed accelerator has worked exceptionally hard in trying to establish meaningful partnerships with Be capital in Taiwan, with endless meetings, midnight emails, and numerous hospital visits have culminated in establishing collaborative partnership.

This latest batch will certainly reap the benefits of this toil, as TMU clinical resources will be directly involved in this program. By helping startup teams gain access to medical expertise, medical resources, and potential pilot sites we are excited by this collaboration.

The startups have been divided into two groups and assigned to a specific hospital based on their solutions. And most of subject from the teams is focusing on digital health and AI.

This collaboration will in-put with the clinical resources of our schools and 7 affiliated hospitals to provide a complete resources for the startup teams, including a perfect clinical trial environment and professional consultations with physicians. Supporting to verified the proof of concept (POC) , avoid mistakes and early revision of business strategies and product positioning, and will provide seed funds to allow the potential selected team to effectively use the resources and funds of TMU during the development process; in addition, we will also provide clinical immersion workshops, focusing on the areas of medical artificial intelligence, digital health, medical device, will Invite internationally renowned experts to introduce market trends, regulatory strategies, and software as medical devices (SaMD), medical devices and AI medical products.

Throughout this process, we believe it will help these early-stage startups establish a proof of concept, and accelerate them into the perspective market, and making positive impact in the healthcare landscape.

Sharon Yi, Deputy CEO of TMU Biomed Accelerator, explains that innovation is at the core of the TMU ethos