National Central University
  • 2020 Mar 18
  • DSM & National Central University – Reaching a New Milestone in Industry-Academia Collaboration
Established in 1902 and based in Heerlen, the Netherlands, Royal DSM N.V. is a renowned international corporation with over 23,000 employees worldwide, a revenue over 10 billion Euros, and focuses on nutrition, health & sustainable living. According to Fortune magazine’s Change the World List in 2017, DSM ranked second, next to JP Morgan Chase and above Apple. DSM has set up marketing and production bases in Taiwan to operate on functional resin and materials, engineering plastics, and nutritional supplement to both domestic and overseas markets, in their devoted efforts and ongoing endeavors over time.

In order to carry out corporate mission of providing green chemistry raw materials, while drawing on Taiwan’s various advantages in scientific research technology, high-quality talent, and intellectual property protection, DSM became a VIP member of National Central University’s Global Research & Industry Alliance (NCU GLORIA). Moreover, with active facilitation of NCU GLORIA and full support from the NCU, DSM is determined to permanently set up their UV Curing research and development headquarter in National Central University.

Troy Shao, President of DSM Energy Curable Resins, indicated that the DSM group has long been working with prestigious educational institutions, such as University Leiden, to develop flourishing industry-academia cooperation with considerable accomplishment. And there is no better time than now to forge a link with one of the top universities in Taiwan – National Central University (NCU) – and further develop a close working relationship. As remarked by Kwang-Hwa Lii, executive vice president of NCU, in regards to whether talents, facilities, technology, information, or the overall environment, NCU is able to provide the best support to accelerate DSM’s research capacity, in fulfilling the global demand of sustainable development and environmental protection. In addition, Lii noted that as an exemplified global enterprise, DSM is fully capable of bringing in the latest production technology, management concepts, and prospective visions to NCU – providing support to faculty members and research labs that are ready to start a business.

The NCU-DSM Joint R&D Center will be set up in NCU’s Science Teaching Building, and is expected to complete by the end of year 2020. A space of approximately 1,322 square meters will accommodate 50 DSM staff members for research and relevant business matters. During the first 5 years, DSM will invest at least 84 million NTD, in collaboration with 8 faculty members from the department of chemistry, department of chemical and materials engineering; and department of biomedical sciences and engineering. In this joint collaboration, they will be working on 13 industry-academia collaborations, including green renewable chemical raw materials, green high-efficient catalysts and functional polymer polymerization, new type photoinitiators, and new optoelectronic materials, to name a few. For the same cause, NCU has already submitted application for Academia-Industry Research Center project to the Ministry of Science and Technology, for a 5-year funding of 50 million NTD. In addition, DSM will be providing a large sum of scholarship to NCU graduate students and DSM staff members, in their pursuit of higher education. NCU faculty and research teams will also receive funding towards visitation and internship opportunities to DSM’s headquarter in the Netherlands.

DSM's senior executives visiting the executive vice president of NCU, in discussion of the NCU-DSM Joint R&D Center (from left): Bart Oosterlee, Operations Program Director of DSM; Mark Su, Managing Director of Global Powder Coating Resins at DSM; Konraad Dullaert, Global Vice President R&D of DSM; Kwang-Hwa Lii, Executive Vice President of NCU; Troy Shao, President of DSM; and Steve Shih, Global R&D Director of DSM.

With joint efforts from NCU and DSM, this joint R&D center will not only solidify DSM’s leading position in coating resin business, but to reduce its dependence on fossil fuel-based raw materials. With the same spirit, while DSM keeps looking for more efficient methods to reduce waste and energy consumption during production processes, NCU GLORIA will continue striving to connect National Central University to global corporations, creating many more successful collaborations in the long-run.