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CEO of the Alliance, introduced the manufacturers
In order to explore business opportunities at home and abroad and attract the attention of medical and professional buyers, Ocean University of Taiwan International Industry-University Alliance led member manufacturers and school teachers to participate in the 2019 Taiwan Medical Technology held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall from December 5th to 8th, 2019. exhibition. The 2019 Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition is sponsored by Taiwan Healthcare +, the Center for Biotechnology Medical Technology Research Center of the Consortium, the National Biotechnology Medical Industry Strategy Association, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Agriculture Commission of the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Taipei City Government. This year's feature is to connect the first-line medical institutions, technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical materials in the Asia-Pacific ecological chain, with more than 500 exhibitors, 17 countries, and more than 1,850 booths, international links with 60 international expert speakers, 50 medical institutions, and 65 Top IT companies will jointly lay out business opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region of US $ 2.6 trillion.
The Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition was held in Hall 2 of Nangang Exhibition Hall. Its theme is "Leading in Advanced Medical Care and Mastering a Healthy Future", and it is divided into (1) specialty medicines, (2) smart hospitals / medical equipment, and (3) biotech pharmaceuticals. (4) Genetic Medicine / Cell Therapy (5) Preventive Medicine / Health Management (6) Innovative Technology (7) Agricultural Health and other exhibition areas, the exhibition of Taiwan Ocean University International Industry-University Alliance is divided into 2 theme areas, and school teachers' forward-looking technology area (Including the technologies of Teacher Chang-Jer Wu, Teacher C.-C. Huang, Teacher Meng-Chou Lee, Teacher Pai-An Hwang, Teacher Yi-Cheng Huang) and Alliance Member Technology Product Zone (Exhibitors include Bio-helix Company, Lichuan Company, Violinbiotech Company, Giant Bio Tech Company, Fongyu Company) During the exhibition, many industry players had high technical inquiry about school teachers and member manufacturers, and the alliance expanded more cooperation business opportunities for the industry chain.
Potential partners at this trade show include: Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, referred to as Shin Kong Hospital, which is a hospital under the Shin Kong Group. Founded in 1992, it passed the evaluation of the medical center and teaching hospital. The director expressed interest in Mr. Yi-Cheng Huang technology, and wanted to use algae dressings on necrotic cells in premature babies, and hoped to further cooperate with the alliance.
Taiwan Innovative Materials was founded in 2014 as a biomedical startup company. It has the leading international micronano material development platform technology. It can customize various micronano structure materials according to customer needs. Interested, it wants to use algae to grow cells, and then decompose them after molding. After the meeting, teachers will be arranged to discuss cooperation with manufacturers.
Yabo Biomedical has developed a highly effective health drink that is most suitable for human absorption by a professional scientific research team. It insists on simple ingredients and zero addition. It is the only natural brand in the industry that does not use flavors, pigments, preservatives and artificial additives. Glue reduces skin fibrosis and damage caused by radiation. Technical information is being analyzed. An invitation letter has been sent for reply.

The alliance has achieved fruitful results in linking multiple manufacturers at this trade show. It is hoped that through this exhibition, the alliance and the international community will have more opportunities for cooperation.


Director Lu of Industry-University Center communicates with manufacturers