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  • 2020 Feb 21
  • Yang-Ming GLORIA Helped Members Making a Name for its Amortal Delicacies in the Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2019

Laurel Enterprises Corporation cooperated with Common Health Magazine on the exhibition to promote the new book “Amortal Dining.” From right: Deputy General Manager Marketing Zhen Yu Wang of Laurel Enterprises Corporation, Director Liang-Kung Chen of Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, and General Manager Xiao Hua Liang of Common Health Magazine

Ever since becoming an international-class member of the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA,) National Yang-Ming University in 2018, Laurel Enterprises Corporation, the leader of the frozen foods industry, has started a highly valued industry-academia collaboration that is worth 20 million dollars and established the Laurel’s Nutrition and Health Lab, National Yang-Ming University. GLORIA has always been sparing no effort to increase the international visibility of Laurel Enterprises Corporation and has especially assisted it in attending the international-class Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan. Under the theme of “Amortal Dining – Delicious and Nutritious Food Times,” Laurel Enterprises Corporation displayed its new product “Delicious and Powerlifting Soup” developed as a five-year industry-academia collaboration between the company and National Yang-Ming University. The company has also published a new book, “Amortal Dining,” together with Common Health Magazine to satisfy more mature people’s taste buds.
Director Liang-Kung Chen of Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, indicated that people over the age of 40 would lose muscle mass at the rate of 8% every 10 years, whereas people over the age of 70 would increase the rate of loss to 15% every 10 years. To overcome this problem people might face when reaching the mature age, the Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang-Ming University has collaborated with Laurel’s Nutrition and Health Lab to conduct a 12-week “clinical experiment regarding dietary protein intake differences.” Cycle menus with different protein ratios were designed for and served to 70 mature-aged people between ages 40 and 75 who have reasonable body condition. The results confirmed that protein supplementation contributes to muscle gain and fat loss, enhancement in muscular endurance, and increases in the blood levels of vitamin D.

Director Liang-Kung Chen of Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang-Ming University claimed that “Laurel’s Nutrition and Health Lab” has developed a series of “Delicious and Powerlifting Soups” with the emphasis on protein and dietary fiber supplementation. Six soups were launched in the first round this year

Taiwanese have an average lifespan of 80 years, yet they remain healthy for only 71.2 years, and every person needs to be taken care of for approximately 7.3 years. This situation can be prevented. Professor Liang-Kung Chen, an expert in geriatrics and gerontology, has collaborated for the first time with the Asia Pacific clinical nutritionist Professor Wen-Harn Pan to make new discoveries about foods and drinks. Nineteen ageless health recipes were then designed by Laurel’s chef. The aim was to teach elders to prevent aging, increase muscle strength, improve brainpower, and stay away from dementia and disability, allowing them to quickly start reversing age with the three daily meals. The publisher of the book has also cooperated for the first time with PX Mart and launched the book with the PX Mart platform “PXGo! PX Mart Online Shopping,” allowing consumers to buy the book quickly and cook smartly.

Many people were drawn to the exhibition zone to learn about the products, which were highly inquired.

The highlights of the industry-academia collaboration between National Yang-Ming University and Laurel Enterprises Corporation and the results obtained through the cooperation have been successfully displayed in this exhibition. The exhibition has also increased people’s understanding of the age-reversing ability of healthy and nutritious foods that are nutritious, delicious and convenient. GLORIA, National Yang-Ming University hopes to go one step further in the future and help its members to attract international consumers, so more mature people could eat healthily and live happily, creating a new milestone for the field of health and nutrition.

Yang-Ming GLORIA has impelled interdisciplinary collaboration between the food and medical industries, achieving synergies greater than expected. From left: Chief Executive Officer Hsien-Chih Pei of GLORIA, National Yang-Ming University, Chairman Zheng-Ming Wang of Laurel Enterprises Corporation, and Director Liang-Kung Chen of Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang-Ming University