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  • 2020 Feb 21
  • Congratulations! Professor Cui Boxiang, Department of Medical Radiology, Chang Gung University, won the “16th National Innovation Award” Professor Wu Minxian of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of Chang Gung University & Professor Li Xuansheng of the Department of Medicine won the “16th National Innovation Excellence Award”
Photo of Professor Cui Boxiang (third from left) with technology transfer manufacturers

The "National Innovation Award" is the highest honor for innovative R & D in the domestic biotechnology field and is used to recognize innovative technologies and products. In the 16 years since its establishment, the "National Innovation Award" has become an important indicator of outstanding academic research institutions and clinical research teams. Every year, more than 100 innovative research and development achievements participate in the selection. The awards are divided into three categories: enterprise innovation, academic research innovation and clinical innovation. This year, the "Innovation Excellence Award" has been added. Enterprises, academic research institutions and clinical teams that have won the National Innovation Award, whose award-winning projects have specific progress, can apply for the " National Innovation Excellence Award". Those who have won the National Innovation Excellence Award twice can compete for the National Innovation Sustainable Award. Each year, the number of uncategorized groups is limited to one to three places, which has become a sustainable benchmark for the National Innovation Award.
The 16th National Innovation Award: FattyTouch New Generation Ultrasonic Fatty Liver Diagnostic System
Fatty liver has been confirmed as the main pathogenesis of non-viral liver cancer. Professor Cui Boxiang's team has long been committed to the research of ultrasonic scattering analysis technology and successfully developed "FattyTouch: a new-generation ultrasound fatty liver diagnosis system", which provides standard abdominal Sonic scan function and quantitative analysis of fatty liver degree, realize accurate interpretation of fatty liver. FattyTouch can further be used as the best management platform for fatty liver screening and follow-up liver health tracking. It can also be used in the development of new drugs for fatty liver treatment for therapeutic evaluation. FattyTouch technology has now been transferred to HONG KONG E-SONO BIOTECH CO., LIMITED TAIWAN BRANCH which will soon enter mass production and commercial planning. It will become the unicorn company of Taiwan's ultrasonic liver specialist medical materials. In the future, FattyTouch is expected to create more than 8 billion ultrasound specialty medical materials and liver health service market value in the diagnosis and treatment of fatty liver, general screening for adults and children, pharmaceutical companies and health products or related health promotion industries.
The 16th National Innovation Excellence Award: toilet paper type fecal occult blood test strip
The award-winning research on "tissue occult blood test strips" is an interdisciplinary team composed of Prof. Wu Minxian, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Chang Gung University, Minister Lu Zhangzhi, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Linkou Chang Geng Hospital, Dr. Wang Xinyao, Associate Professor Xie Jiaxun, Oncology, Linkou Chang Geng Hospital The research and development results of the company won the Clinical Innovation Award in the 14th National Innovation Award Competition in 2017. In the past two years, it has been continuously improving in product optimization, patent layout, regulatory certification, design manufacturing, and channel development. Next year, we will obtain TFDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CE (European Conformity Certification) certifications.

Professor Wu Minxian (2nd from the left) and the R & D team

The 16th National Innovation Excellence Award: Changgu expandable vertebral augmentation system
The award-winning research on the " Changgu expandable vertebral augmentation system " was developed by a team consisting of Professor Li Xuansheng, Professor Chen Wenzhe and others from the Department of Medicine of Chang Gung University. The technology transfer contract is preparing to transfer the product from the trial production stage to the mass production stage. " Changgu expandable vertebral augmentation system " has been approved for sale in Taiwan.