National Taiwan Ocean University
The Aqua Power Forum

In 2019, the National Taiwan University of Oceans International Industry-University Alliance and the Academia Sinica Jen-Leih Wu distinguished visiting fellow, the National Taiwan Ocean University's Department of Aquaculture, and the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology's Department of Marine Biotechnology jointly announced Taiwan's aquaculture soft and hard strength. The "The Aqua Power Forum" invited 13 experts and scholars and outstanding industry representatives from the aquaculture industry to share the successful experience of entrepreneurship and the publication of novel technologies to bring into the future trend analysis of the aquaculture industry and give a glimpse into the future of the new blue ocean in Taiwan.
The "Algae Breeding and Biotechnology Laboratory" led by Associate Professor Meng-Chou Lee of National Taiwan Ocean University specializes in seaweed algae species cultivation and functional component extraction, including: molecular identification, purification, seed conservation, intellectual property protection and planning of artificial industrial-level cultivation technology, combined with intelligent remote monitoring technology. At present, it has patented technology for large-scale algae cultivation, patented technology for algae cultivation and seedlings in open seas, patented technology for artificial mass production of fine algae, and patented technology for seaweed extraction. In addition to the possible safety risks of algae consumption, continue to study the metabolic mechanism of heavy metals remaining in the algae. In addition, the laboratory continues to use seaweed as a material to develop new functional aquatic feed additives to improve the quality of aquatic products and reduce the production risks of aquatic products.
Professor Chung-Cheng Chang, National Taiwan Ocean University, briefed and promoted the development of AI breeding technology. The AI automated feeding system developed by the research team can determine whether to continue feeding based on the predation of fish, reduce feed waste, and optimize fish growth; AI fish abnormal behavior analysis system can provide abnormal alarms, detect abnormal fish status early, and increase fish survival rate.According to the preliminary estimation of the team, using this system for box net farming will increase the cost of some equipment, but the overall profit will increase instead of decreasing. Using four box nets, it is estimated that there will be an opportunity to increase more than 20%. In this system, fishermen can optimize the breeding process in accordance with the recommendations provided by the AI, obtain real-time breeding information and analysis results through handheld devices, minimize the breeding cost, maximize the catch, and achieve good breeding performance. The popularization of box net culture in offshore seas for fishery transformation can also be promoted abroad.
This event allowed Keelung to Kaohsiung to show their spirit of aquaculture to all those who have contributed to the aquaculture industry in Taiwan. From online to offline, the themes of seed breeding, smart breeding, industrial integration, disease detection, precision breeding, and AI applications are brought into the analysis of industrial trends, which in turn conveys the high plasticity of various fields and developments in Taiwan's aquaculture industry, showing diversity Vigor and glory.

Alliance experts and scholars and outstanding industry representatives