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  • 2020 Feb 21
  • To promote innovation business, University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Sharing Roving Lecture in National Chung Hsing University
The group shooting of the University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roving Lecture. The invited guests from the front right to left are Dr. Ming feng He of Industrial Technology Research Institute, Dr. hsu-ming Lai of Prosche Biomed. Co. Ltd., Dr. Jenq-Shyong Chen of Hantop Intelligence Tech., Pro. Dr. Chia-Feng Lin, Director of General Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration of NCHU, Pro. Dr. Ming-Der Yang of The Department of Civil Engineering of NCHU, and Mr. Jerry Huang, the COO of NCHU GLORIA

On 18th Dec., 2019, the University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roving Lecture was held in National Chung Hsing University! This roving lecture was guided by the Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and hosted by NCHU GLORIA and Taiwan Tech Arena of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Today’s activity invited the chairman of Prosche Biomed. Co. Ltd. and that of Hantop Intelligence Tech. to share their motivation of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial journey.
The opening of the event was addressed by 1) Pro. Dr. Chia-Feng Lin, Director of General Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration of NCHU, and 2) Pro. Dr. John Hsu, the CEO of NCHU GLORIA. They both mainly encouraged students to make good use of school resources. NCHU is a research-oriented comprehensive university. Thus, while in school, students should inspire themself to think about innovative entrepreneurship ideas. Pro. Dr. John Hsu, as an entrepreneur, even shared his own experience and the sense of accomplishment during the entrepreneurial process to attendee students. Then, Dr. Ming feng He introduced the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) project. Dr. He quoted a passage from Dr. Chen Liang-Gee, Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, to encouraging everyone: "The purpose of TTA is to make Taiwan's startup circle being visible! Taiwan has strong scientific and technological strength and the semiconductor industry as a backing for technological startups. It is worth to have a place in the world Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem. " On the other hand, Mr. Jerry Huang, the CEO of NCHU GLORIA, is familiar with campus technology, talents, professors, and industry-university cooperation, and the mode of Technology Transferring operation. He encouraged everyone to use school resources well and create the own innovation world.
Through this activity, it is great that the chairman of Prosche Biomed. Co. Ltd. attended and shared his entrepreneurial history and achievements! Prosche Biomed. Co. Ltd. was from a group of graduate students from NCHU Department of Chemistry. They endeavor to research nano-biomedical preparation technology to against diseases and cancer treatment. Dr. hsu-ming Lai shared the idea why he chooses entrepreneurship instead of employment. He believes that many entrepreneurial ideas come from different perspectives, and entrepreneurial failure also comes from many causes. For instance, equity, capital, talent and technology all could be the potential problems resulting in entrepreneurial failure. Thus, he encouraged everyone to create opportunities as long as you have the will.
Hantop Intelligence Tech. is composed of a team led by Professor Jenq-Shyong Chen of NCHU. Professor Chen starts his own enterprise when he was 57-year-old. He encourages young people to try everything boldly and not to be afraid of failure! His team members use the excellent core technology of mechanical and electrical integration and hardware and software integration to develop a smart ultrasonic toolholder module product for non-contact power transmission, applied on the new material CNC precision machining in the aerospace, semiconductor, optoelectronic, electric vehicles, precision mechanical components, medical equipment, energy and other industries, etc. As the high quality and high reliability of the product, Hantop Intelligence Tech. has been highly affirmed by the international clients in the United States, Japan and Singapore and other countries. It has even become one of the leading brands in the industry. What a successful entrepreneurial case!