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  • 2020 Feb 21
  • The good exchange & match between National Chung Hsing University GLORIA & Japan Future Food System Association(FFSA)

Through Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum (AAT), NCHU GLORIA and Japan FFSA met! FFSA was established in July, 2019. Its operation mode is similar to that of GLORIA, and its purpose is to integrate research institutions and companies from different industries, from farm to table industries categories. FFSA currently focuses on horticultural technology facilities, food health and safety technology! Now they have 7 enterprise members, including Mitsubishi Chemical, Panasonic, KIKKOMAN and other famous enterprises, etc.
On December FFSA invited 1) NCHU GLORIA, 2) Ms. Yijie Lin, the Deputy Secretary-General of Taiwan Plant Factory and Smart Agriculture Development Association, and 3) Ms. Kay Chen, the general manager of Healthmate Co., Ltd., one of the GLORIA members, to form the visiting team to Japan from 17th to 19th 2019. This visiting trip included the bilateral exchange workshop between NCHU GLORIA and FFSA. During this workshop, Mr. Chu, the manager of NCHU GLORIA introduced the campus facilities and R&D energy. And, through the GLORIA clustering effect, how NCHU GLORIA integrates industrial technology and products through the energy of NCHU to the world. At the same time, Ms. Kay Chen introduced the concept of integration from agriculture to food. Then, Ms. Yijie Lin introduced the current development situation of Plant Factory. Last, FFSA members of Japanese companies shared their development and operation in the fields of agriculture and food! There are same industry FFSA members as the Healthmate Co., Ltd. as well. Thus, during this visiting, they had the good interaction to each other. What a good membership service and exchange! What’s more, FFSA also led us to 1) the horticultural field of Nakamura Corporation, 2) the plant factory development site of Chiba University, and 3) the agricultural research organization of NARO (National Agriculture and Food Organization.)
Dr. Toshitaka Yamaguchi, the Chairman of Chiba University ’s Plant Factory Association, greatly encouraged NCHU to signs a MOU with Chiba University to have further cooperation in academic or university-industry aspects. Moreover, Chiba University hopes to have NCHU graduates studying in the Department of Horticulture of Chiba University on the agreement basis of the tuition discounts.
After the such meaningful visit, FFSA would like to invite NCHU GLORIA as a consultant partner for further cooperation in the future. On the other hand, GLORIA takes FFSA as a mirror, and hopes to achieve the mission of international links, no matter on talent or technology aspects continually. Moreover, we could introduce Japan's excellent technologies and concepts, in agriculture and food industries, to help Taiwan's agricultural technology to improve and create value to reach the win-win situation!