National Taiwan University of Science Technology
  • 2020 Feb 21
  • Taiwan Tech GLORIA successfully mentored two Taiwan Tech research teams to receive the grant from MOST Germination Program
Holding a public explanation meeting to discover potential team which hosted by Taiwan Tech GLORIA CEO, Alex Wei

Taiwan Tech GLORIA commits to provide the support to the research teams with high potential to commercialized its research outcome and bring it to the market. By coordinating public meeting of the programs, Taiwan Tech GLORIA intents to discover potential research teams and select the outstanding groups that would like to become startups. Furthermore, GLORIA helps each team to modify and strengthen their project application with mentor services, including business counseling and matchmaking services. As a result, for the 2020 Germination Program granted by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), two of the research teams successfully obtained the grants, including Prof. Fuh-Yu Chang team, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. Ping-hui Yeh team, Department of Electronic Engineering.
Prof. Fuh-Yu Chang’s team innovatively designed a biodegradable stent graft for vascular dialysis. It can solve the problems encountered in current treatment and benefit dialysis patients with poor vein maturity after surgery, such as the elderly and diabetic patients. Prof Chang’s team dedicate to reinventing a new method in industry and treatment. Prof. Ping-hui Yeh’s team build a wafer with triple-nitride light-emitting-diode (LED) epitaxial structure to make integrated light detector and light emitting element. The advantage of this design is characterized with high performance, multi-function, small size and easy to modularize with electronic component, etc. This innovation has obtained the IP in light detection and light emitting element technology which opens a brand new market and create application value.
With the resources provided by Taiwan Tech GLORIA, it aims to support the research teams to develop as startups, including a variety of training courses, such as patent portfolio, business planning, operational plan and so on. In addition, GLORIA also provides mentoring program for each team according to the needs. GLORIA will continue to provide various kinds of activities to cultivate teams to develop as startups and obtain the support for their research development, which ultimately help to boost the research performance and international competitiveness of the university.

Taiwan Tech GLORIA held a lecture about patent application strategy

Taiwan Tech GLORIA (first one on the right) arranged one-on-one consultation (first one on the left) for Prof. Ping-hui Yeh(middle)

Visited Prof. Fuh-Yu Chang’s (first one on the left )laboratory