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TMU Biomed Accelerator held a presentation at the RESI Conference

TMU Biomed Accelerator cooperates with BeCapital to organize the TMU x BE International Accelerator Program, which is tailor-made for international and Taiwanese startups who wish to enter the Asian market. Integrating unique advantages in geographic location, medical data, technology ecosystem, talent and healthcare policies, Taiwan is an excellent platform to enter other Asian markets. We not only provide financial resources, but also provide important clinical resources and verification to successfully add value to startups. During the 2020 JP Morgan Medical Conference Week, while medical startups and investment groups from all over the world gathered in San Francisco, the United States, held a presentation at the RESI (Re-defining Early-Stage Investment Conference).
RESI Conference is North America's largest biotech startup early investment conference. RESI is a global media investment conference for biotechnology, new drug research and development, medical diagnosis, or digital medical startups. The purpose of the program is to match startups with global investors, promote fundraising, cooperation opportunities, and promote new startups. Grow fast and bring technology and products to the market faster.
The event invited Denis, the CEO and founder of RESI, as the host, which coincided with the first time that RESI was held in Taiwan last year. In the opening session, Dennis is invited to share Taiwan's outstanding clinical resources and R & D innovation energy with VIPs from other countries. Arthur Chen, the executive director of BeCapital, introduced their business and investment counseling energy, and Wu Chieh-His, vice president of TMU, introduced the clinical resources and research and development energy of the Seventh Hospital of TMU. Finally, Dr. Jowy Tani, who is now a member of Stanford Biodesign GFIT in Wanfang Hospital, introduced the TMU x BE international accelerator program. More than 100 startups from all over the world participated in the scene. After the meeting, they also discussed enthusiastically. About 20 one-on-one meetings were also arranged on the day to exchange and share the current situation of the Taiwan and Asia-Pacific clinical markets and promote cooperation opportunities based on team needs and progress.

Denis, the CEO and founder of RESI                                         Chieh-Hsi Wu, vice president of TMU

In order to develop innovative entrepreneurship and biomedical accelerators for the medical practitioners, the "Taiwan Medical University International Medical Design International Seed Teacher Program" was drafted. The three affiliated hospitals of the Medical Doctors individually selected and recommended suitable candidates, for the Department of Affiliated Orthopedics Dr. Meng-Huang Wu; Dr. Jowy Tani, Department of Neurology, and Dr. Chih-Yu Chen, Shuanghe Orthopaedics Department, this program is chaired by Chien-Huang Lin, Vice President Chieh-Hsi Wu, Lin Junmao, and Dr. Liu Tianren. They have completed the evaluation and sent three physicians to participate in the medical materials of Stanford University Design Center (Stanford Biodegin) Global Faculty Selection. The three physicians have successfully stood out from competitors from all over the world, becoming three of the seven candidates, and are the first members of Taiwan to participate in the full training of Stanford Biodegin Global Faculty.
TMU was specially invited by Stanford Biodegin Founder & Director Paul York and CEO Gordon Saul to participate in Stanford Biodesign Dinner Reception, and conducted a GFIT signing event during the banquet, adding to TMU innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem international links and cross-sector cooperation opportunities.

Chieh-Hsi Wu, vice president of TMU, conducted GFIT signing event