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  • 2019 Dec 20
  • National Tsing Hua University, GLORIA & Hsinchu Science Park Bureau Join Hands in Developing the Bright Future of Precision Medicine
Attending Guests (From left to right): Kao-chun Chen (Manager,  Commercialization and Industry Service Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute), Yen-ying Lin (CEO, JelloX Biotech), Hui-ling Chen (R&D Vice President, VitNovo), representative of Academia-Industry Consortium for Science Park in Hsinchu Taiwan -Chun-cheng Chen (industry liaison expert, GLORIA-Semicon, National Chiao Tung University), Tseng-chia Hsu (Deputy Director, Hsinchu Science Park Bureau), Sheng-Fen Lin (Senior Vice President, National Tsing Hua University), Fan-Gang Tseng (Chief R&D Officer, National Tsing Hua University), Ming-che Wang (Deputy Director, Institute of Biomedical and Medical Materials, ITRI), Bruce Lin (CEO, GLORIA Operation Center, National Tsing Hua University)

In his opening speech, Tseng-chia Hsu (Deputy Director, Hsinchu Science Park Bureau) said that it is now the best time to lay out the field of biomedicine. Hsinchu Science Park Bureau is an internationally famous high-tech industry town. It links manufacturers in the park and two top universities (National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University), ITRI, National Applied Research Laboratories and National Taiwan University to establish a perfect ecosystem of producing, learning and medicine research, and promote the vigorous development of biomedicine related industries.

Sheng-fen Lin (Senior Vice President, National Tsing Hua University) pointed out that the cross-domain integration of ICT and biomedicine should be the biggest advantage of Taiwan's precision medicine. We can rethink about Taiwan's role in the international precision medicine industry chain from the perspective of venture capital, clinical, pharmaceutical and other aspects.

Ming-che Wang (Deputy director, Institute of Biomedical and Medical Materials, ITRI) made a speech with the topic of “Analysis of Taiwan's Regulations on Precision Medicine and International Trends” , in which he analyzed the policy input and development of major countries such as Chia, UK, France, South Korea and Taiwan, and pointed out the patient gene database established by the government support can cooperate with private enterprises to link different databases and strengthen the data application so as to speed up the development of the industry.

Hui-ling Chen (R&D Vice President, VitNovo) made a speech on the topic of " The Trend of Precision Medicine from Drug Development to Clinical Trials ". Yen-ying Lin (CEO, JelloX Biotech) made a speech "New Opportunities Brought by 3D Digital Pathological Images for Cancer Diagnosis", in which he pointed out that the existence of industrial opportunities, for example, industry, university and research institutes can apply biomarker molecular diagnostic gene detection technology to the development of companion diagnostic products. Taiwan's biotechnology and medical care industry can cooperate with the information and communication industry to upgrade the existing medical industry, so as to promote the development of precision medicine with capital and technology of the information and communication industry.

Fan-Gang Tseng (Chief R&D Officer, National Tsing Hua University) took "Application of Biomedical Nano Sensing and Microfluidic Chip in the Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment of Circulating Tumor Cells" as the title to share the relevant application research technology in cancer diagnosis and treatment, so as to provide clinicians with effective judgment basis in cancer management or drug selection of patients.

After the keynote speech, four speakers gathered to discuss the opportunities and challenges of precision medicine. People from different walks of life actively expressed their views, asked questions, and exchanged ideas with each other to inject intelligent innovation power into the precision medicine industry.

Panel Discussion (From left to right): Host: Fan-Gang Tseng (Chief R&D Officer, National Tsing Hua University); Participants: Ming-che Wang (Deputy director, Institute of Biomedical and Medical Materials, ITRI), Hui-ling Chen (R&D Vice President, VitNovo), Yen-ying Lin (CEO, JelloX Biotech)