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  • 2019 Dec 20
  • Technology Sharing Conference of Chang Gung University International Smart Biomedical Industry Alliance
Greeting at the Technology Sharing Conference of Chang Gung University Smart Biomedical Industry Alliance (Professor Kuang-Hung Hsu, Vice President of Chang Gung University)

Since its establishment, Chang Gung University has established various independent research centers, such as the Emerging Virus Research Center, Molecular Medicine Research Center, Healthy Aging Research Center, Bioengineering Research Center, AI  Research Center and other units. which have rich research results in various fields. Each research team hopes that after years of development, they can one day be applied in the market and launch products to benefit the population.

The GLORIA of Chang Gung University and the Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association, which has more than 400 corporate members, jointly organized the technology sharing conference of Chang Gung University international smart biomedical industry alliance. A total of more than 16 manufacturers were dispatched to the school for technical exchanges on the day, including a number of listed companies and the top 100 domestic manufacturers, such as AU Optronics, Innolux, HIWIN mikrosystem, Foxsemicon Integrated Technology, and Gallant Precision Machining.

Chang Gung University attaches great importance to this technology sharing event. Professor Kuang-Hung Hsu(Vice President of Chang Gung University), is invited to give an opening speech and introduce the six major areas (new drug delivery and introduction, functional drug development, biochemical reagent disease testing, smart health care technology, sustainable environment and green energy technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things), this time will visit the five laboratories with a high degree of commercialization of research results in Chang Gung University. Such as OCT optical laboratory, experimental animal center, molecular medical center, circular motion laboratory and reliability center.Compared with many research results of Chang Gung University, the laboratory arranged for this visit is the tip of the iceberg of hundreds research teams.

After the conference, various manufacturers also expressed interest in industry-academia cooperation in the fields of AI , precision medicine and bio-detection chips, and hoped to participate in the next theme technology sharing event of Chang Gung University.

After the event, GLORIA of Chang Gung University continued to track the follow-up developments of various companies. At present, more than 8 manufacturers have expressed their willingness to cooperate with industry and universities, and 4 manufacturers have visited Chang Gung University again to conduct secondary technical exchanges with the laboratory host. This technology sharing conference also established a new milestone for the industry-academia cooperation between the two sides.

Group Photo of Technology Sharing Conference of Chang Gung University International Smart Biomedical Industry Alliance
(From the first row from the left: Professor Wang of the Department of Physical Therapy, Chang Gung University. Professor Tsai, of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Chang Gung University.Secretary General Mr. Wang of the Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association .Deputy General Manager Yu of HIWIN microsystem, Professor Hsu,Vice President of Chang Gung University, and Reliability Center of Chang Gung University Director of the Professor Chen,Professor Wang of the Department of Biomedicine of Chang Gung University,Professor Zhang of Experimental Animal Center of Chang Gung University)