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  • 2019 Dec 20
  • Chang Gung University International Smart Biomedical Industry Alliance Technical Seminar

Group photo of Chang Gung University International Smart Biomedical Industry Alliance Technical Seminar

GLORIA of Chang Gung University and various industrial associations co-organized an international smart biomedical technology seminar on November 22. This time, Ming Chi University Of Technology, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Chung Yuan Christian University, Yuan Ze University, Eight schools including Ming Chuan University, National Central University, National Taiwan University, and two hospitals, Chang Gung Hospital and Landseed International Hospital, shared relevant research results and promoted related industry-academia cooperation.
The theme of this seminar is focused on three major areas: "Biomedical Technology and Smart Healthcare", "AI Smart Detection" and "Internet of Things combined with health care". This time, we invited Professor Hsu, Vice President of Chang Gung University, and Professor Lin, Technical Cooperation Office chief, ACG Director Michelle Ho, GIS-touch Chairman Paul Chen gave a greeting, and arranged 11 keynote speeches, 47 posters and 7 physical product exhibitions to share the results of research and invention.

Professor Hsu said that in September this year, Chang Gung University applied through the International Industry-University Alliance of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the Chang Gung Hospital Group, we have a leading clinical platform and medical technology, and cooperate with Chang Gung University's leading innovative technologies and research breakthroughs. Through rich experience in industry-academia cooperation and promotion and application, as well as the activation of past industry-academia cooperation and innovative industry technology translation applications, including ( 1) Cross-biology high-throughput integrated analysis services for molecular medicine (gene sequencing, translation of medical engineering, detection chips); (2) Vertically integrated high-quality laboratory animal services (reagent development, new drug development); (3) Health Screening analysis, health promotion technology, long-term integration services (implementing the government long-term plan); (4) service life prediction of medical equipment and medical equipment reliability development services (smart monitoring, early prediction) With this in mind, Chang Gung University considers the needs of Taiwan's future medical development, and according to the model of the Ministry of Science and Technology, sets up an international smart biomedical-industrial-industrial alliance, gathers resources linking Taiwan's top companies, focuses on forward-looking medical innovation research, and accelerates the integration of our industry International.
Professor Hsu mentioned that this year's International Smart Biomedical Industry Alliance technical seminar was co-organized by GLORIA of Chang Gung University. This technical seminar began in 2012 with the participation of six universities. In 2017, the 12 industrial zones in the North District and the 14 colleges and universities in Taoyuan City and New Taipei City were signed to sign an industry-academia cooperation platform agreement to create a production and sales platform, driving the links of colleges and universities in the region and combining the two hospitals' technology sharing and exchange. , It can expand the cooperation opportunities with manufacturers, drive the school's production and learning kinetic energy, and promote the units to cooperate across fields to create an international production and sales platform. In the past three years, Chang Gung University has achieved an average of more than 100 cases of industry-academia cooperation with enterprises. Through industry-academia cooperation promotion activities, the industry-academia cooperation performance in 2018 exceeded 140 million NTdollars.

Until November 2019, the performance of industry-academia cooperation has exceeded the target of 120 million NTdollars.

Group photo of Chang Gung University International Smart Biomedical Industry Alliance technical seminar