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  • 2019 Dec 17
  • Taiwan Tech sets to expand cutting-edgy technology hosting “Taiwan Tech Pavilion” showcasing innovation capacity power of the university
The opening tea ceremony of Taiwan Tech Pavilion

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) invites 13 leading research teams from Taiwan Tech to showcase innovative technology products at “Taiwan Tech Pavilion” held from Dec 5-8th, 2019 on the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibtion Hall 2 to promote and raise awareness of Academia-collaboration research capacity of Taiwan Tech. Over 5,000 visitors flooded into the Pavilion at this 4-day event.
The opening tea ceremony was graced with the presence of Taiwan Tech President Liao, Ching-Jong, Vice President Chu Jinn, Chairman of Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering Hsu Hsin, Dean of Industry-Academia Collaboration Chiu, Huang-Jen and Vice Dean of Industry-Academia Collaboration Alex Wei.
President Liao revealed at the opening event that Taiwan Tech is acknowledged as a leading pioneer among technologically advanced universities in Taiwan. Taiwan Tech's practical education and applied research are also highly valued by Taiwan's industries. It has been rated among the top five universities in Taiwan by 1,000 large enterprises. Not only that, we focus on delivering the prospective overview with an International outlook and creative vision to train students.  Therefore, we expect this event will gain a positive response from the visitors who are experts from BIO related innovation industry today, Tawain Tech can be seen from these variety of Innovation technology capacity.  We hope that the visitors will find interesting products and possible cooperation opportunities.
Highlights of “Taiwan Tech Pavilion”
Winner of the 16th National Innovation Awards-Metallic glass on medical needles led by Dr. Jinn Chu research Team
It’s an application of surface coating as durable lubricity and non-stick properties. Thin-film metallic glasses (TMGs) are amorphous alloys with many possible compositions which enables fine tuning of desired properties. Outstanding properties of thin film metallic glasses are: Low friction, low surface energy, non-stickiness, high toughness, high hardness, good corrosion resistance as well as good wear resistance.
Winner of the 15th National Innovation Awards-Universal microbubbles based combined medical device for promoting local drug delivery led by Dr. Ai-Ho Liao research team
With the innovation of medical detection and diagnostics, new ways to help improve treatment efficiency is important. The universal microbubbles (MB) based combined medical device for promoting local drug delivery. The invention provides an external type MB ultrasound contrast agent of topical uses. The MB ultrasound contrast agent may be applied to a topical region of the body surface of the living body by coating, a non-invasive way, instead of using injection. he MB ultrasound contrast agent may be widely used in medical or beautification fields, to help strengthen the absorption of painkillers after surgery or the absorption of beauty care ingredients.
Winner of the 2019 IEEE ISBI ACDC International Medical Imaging AI Competition- Real time AI for Medical Imaging and Computer Vision
The AI Explore team led by Prof Ching-Wei Wang in the 2019 IEEE ISBI ACDC International Medical Imaging AI Competition defeats 435 teams worldwide (including 49 international AI companies) and ranks top 1.8% worldwide.  Professor Ching-Wei Wang's team developed the ultra-high-speed terapixel image AI platform, which analyzes gigapixel whole slide pathological images in seconds. In addition to the amazing speed, its accuracy is outstanding, defeating 435 teams worldwide, including 49 AI company, and outperforms the AI systems by world leading AI teams in the United States, the University of Maryland, Russia SKYCHAIN, London St. Mary's University and other top European and American AI teams. 

Taiwan Tech Pavilion ended successfully with a great number of visitors.

Dr. Shang-Chih Lin was interviewed by the local Media