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  • 2019 Dec 17
  • To deeper agricultural exchange, NCHU GLORIA & Faprathan Farm sign the cooperation agreement

National Chung Hsing University GLORIA signed the cooperation agreement with Thailand Faprathan Farm in Bangkok on 24th, Nov. under the witness of Mr. Chen-yuan Tung (middle one), the ambassador of The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand. The representative of NCHU GLORIA is Pro. Dr. John Hsu (left-first two), the CEO of NCHU GLORIA. The representative of Faprathan Farm is Ms. Luckana Naviroj (right-first two.)

National Chung Hsing University GLORIA signed the cooperation agreement with Thailand Faprathan Farm in Bangkok on 24th, Nov. In the future, Faprathan Farm will import Taiwan seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and other materials. And, NCHU GLORIA will offer professional consultant services for cultivation management technology to improve the quality of agricultural products. Through the spread effect of cooperative demonstrations, we both wish to promote Taiwan good seeds and agricultural materials, to expand the competitiveness of the Thai market for a win-win situation.  

In order to support the new Southbound Policy, and deepen the links with local agricultural enterprises in Thailand, NCHU GLORIA had proposed suggestions for improving the cultivation environment, increasing crop diversity, and improving crop quality based on the local cultivation situation on this May. Mr. Chen-yuan Tung, the ambassador of The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand, and Dr. San-Tai Wang of Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, actively assisted and promoted this business trip. After several months of bilateral evaluation and exchange, Ambassador Tung witnessed the two sides signed a cooperation on 24th Nov.

On the signing ceremony, Ambassador Tung mentioned that currently it is difficult to have agricultural cooperation between Taiwan and Thai government. Thus, it is great that Taiwan government, and Taiwan-Thai non-government institution support oday’s cooperation agreement between NCHU GLORIA and Faprathan Farm. Taiwan and Thai triggered the new cooperation model through the advantages of 1) Taiwan agricultural science and technology and talent cultivation, and 2) Thai comprehensive agricultural production environment and product marketing channels. After concretely implementing the bilateral agricultural cooperation results, we hope to spread the results to other Thai farmers, increase their income, and provide high-quality agricultural products to consumers. This is the goal of the new southbound policy.

Faprathan Farm suburb of Bangkok, covering an area of about 160 hectares. At present, some space has been developed for agricultural products cultivation. The farm owner, Ms. Luckana Naviroj, is the senior executive vice president of The Mall Group, a large shopping mall in Thailand, and responsible for the management and promotion of the food department. The consultant of the Faprathan Farm is Dr. Ananta Dalodom, the President of Thai Horticulture Technology enterprise. And Mr. Yothai Chang is the General Manager of Thai Faprathan Farm for the Farm Affairs Manager. There are several shopping malls of this group sold the cultivated crops from Faprathan Farm. The demand exceeds supply. Therefore, they would like to cooperation with Taiwan to enhance higher economic value of crop item, quality and output.
On 24th, Nov., the CEO of NCHU GLORIA, Pro. Dr. John Hsu, said that Taiwan vegetables and fruits have been highly evaluated around the world. During the local survey, there is a chance for Taiwan seeds to involve in Thai crops cultivation. For instance, Taiwan cherry tomato has improvement room in sweetness, yield and taste. Taiwan cherry tomatoes not only have high sweetness, but also have many heat-resistant, color and disease-resistant varieties to increase marketing value. They are suitable for local high temperature and rainy environment. Through NCHU GLORIA, we could offer the suitable seed varieties, agricultural materials and NCHU a-hundred-year agricultural R&D experiences sharing with Faprathan Farm. We are happy to opened the Faprathan Farm as cooperation point successfully. We hope to invite more Thai agricultural-related companies to visit it, and expand Taiwan's high-quality agricultural commodity markets to Thailand, Southeast Asia and even other countries around the world.