National Chung Hsing University

The group shooting of GLORIA member attendees on the Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum 2019

The Asian agricultural big event, Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum 2019, started the exhibition at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 for 3 days from 31th, Oct. The exhibition has several pavilions and activities with diverse themes, such as 1) business match-making, 2) innovative product and technology presentations, 3) international forums with the topic of cross-domain links in circular agricultural innovation by speakers from Dutch, Danish and French agricultural experts, and 4) agricultural biotechnology exhibition booths. Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum 2019 provides professional B2B agricultural technology exchange platform, and links agricultural professionals from Asia and the world to present the most comprehensive agricultural production industry chain.

NCHU GLORIA invited campus outstanding professors team and GLORIA members attend the exhibition. The teams included 1) Assistant Professor Yen-Po Chen showed the “Technology of tea flavored yogurt,” 2) Professor Chang-Sheng Wang exhibited the “Indica type aroma rice–Xinda 2, Xinda 9, and Xinda 11,”3) Assistant Professor Yao-Chuan Tsai showed two applied technologies, “Infrared thermal imager for poultry and plant monitoring system applications” and “Artificial intelligence to the wild bird automatic detection and laser repellent system,” 4) Professor Chung-Teh Sheng showed “The thermal adverse management and pre-warning and prevention of peats diseases for beef tomato production,” 5) Associate Professor Li-Cheng Hsieh showed the “Consistent vegetable sowing and bedding machine,” 6) Professor Chang-Wei Hsieh showed the “Enhancing functional value in foods via scientific processing methods,” 7) Professor Keng-Tung Wu showed “Innovative Agricultural Waste Gasification Power Generation Integrated Microgrids System,” 8) Professor Hung-Jen Liu showed the “Thermostable lipase,” 9) Associate Professor Po-Yuan Chiang showed “the production technology of multi-layer tapioca pearl,” “the production technology of modified dried banana,” and “the production technology of pineapple juice with high fiber and low pomace,” 10) Professor Fuh-Jyh Jan showed “the polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody usage on orchid virus inspection,” 11) Professor Yao-Tung Lin showed the “Environmental friendly fruit fresh-keeping and plant disease prevention nanomaterials,” 12) Associate Professor Kuang-Wen Hsieh and Teacher Hung-Mau Chen showed the “Shovel-type tray crop harvester,” 13) Professor Jyh-Herng Yen showed the “Separation, diagnosis and identification techniques of Nematode in soil and cultivation medium,” “Establishment of an evaluation technique for the control effect of microbial preparations on plant parasitic Nematode diseases,” and “Tree health management, maintenance and pest and disease diagnosis and appraisal services in green areas, roads and parking lots in amusement parks,” 14) Assistant Professor Shuo-Wen Tsai showed “the ice cream of domestic agricultural production.”

The NCHU GLORIA corporate members attended the event including: 1) JH Biotech, Inc. exhibited the “Environmentally friendly, natural and organic plant nutrition, plant protection and animal health food,” 2) Good Agricultural Modernization Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited the “Natural plant protectants, such as kind of bitter oil for pest control” and “organic liquid fertilizers,” 3) Agricultural Bank of Taiwan Co., Ltd. provided the comprehensive financial services, especially agricultural related loan,” 4) Healthmate Co., Ltd. exhibited “the diverse health care raw materials and foods raw materials for helping sleep, maintaining mental function, regulating digestive tract function, beauty promoting metabolism, and bio catalytic enzyme.”

Besides the static display of technology and production demo, this event also had the tasting activities of tea yogurt, Xingda No. 2 rice, and ice creams flavored from Taiwan agriculture such as edamame, and some other sources. How popular they are!

There are diverse enterprises gathered at Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum 2019. NCHU GLORIA cooperate with our professors and NCHU GLORIA enterprise members to present their outstanding research outcomes to promote further opportunities to cooperative. All NCHU GLORIA’s effort of this event is only to enhance the industrial value and agricultural technology innovation to the goal of sustainable agriculture, green energy technology, circular economy.