National Taipei University of Technology
  • 2019 Nov 18
  • NTUT GLORIA-Sponsored AMTS 2019 Smart Manufacturing Forum in Taichung City Flips Switch on Manufacturing Sector Transformation

NTUT Mechanical Engineering Department Professor Chen-ching Ting shares how factories are implementing smart-manufacturing tech transformations

The Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) participated in the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (AMTS) 2019 at the Taichung International Exhibition Center (10/2~5), and on October 2nd shared the spotlight with the Carl Duisberg Association as cosponsor of the AMTS’ Smart Manufacturing Forum. Many scholars, experts, and industry representatives attended the forum, which delved into smart machinery solutions, stimulated discussions and experience-sharing on related issues, and generated insights and ideas for the continued enhancement and transformation of modern manufacturing processes.
NTUT Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor and Carl Duisberg Association President Chen-ching Ting took the stage to share how factories are already effectively deploying smart manufacturing technologies. Last year, Professor Ting helped GLORIA partner Walsin Technology implement a comprehensive smart-transformation project at its production facility in Malaysia. He stressed that in order to achieve process automation and become truly industry 4.0-enabled, companies must introduce human-robot collaboration (HRC) processes and AI-enabled technologies and integrate tightly with upstream and downstream partners.

COO and Plant Manager for the Taiwan branch of Ireland-based SRAM LLC Jacky Lin addressed a wide range of smart manufacturing and smart management issues, stating that smart manufacturing was no longer just a ‘trend’ but rather a baseline requirement for competing. Everything, he stressed, depends on ‘speed’. Moreover, smart management is essential to making things run smoothly and leveraging smart manufacturing to greatest effect.
ET&T Project Manager Ta-chan Chang discussed his company’s system architecture that allows real-time synchronization across multiple devices. Founded in 1992 with an initial focus on software development and software-hardware integrated design work, ET&T has in recent years introduced real-time interface (RTI) technologies and launched R&D efforts to develop advanced DDS technologies, and is now gradually implementing smart manufacturing capabilities and creating a highly competitive production environment.
GLORIA has maintained a steady focus on issues of innovation and transformation in the manufacturing sector. This year’s Smart Manufacturing Forum, called by GLORIA Director Chia-hwa Lee and Industry Coordinator Su-tang Chang, forged a new, critical consensus among leaders from industry, government, and academia. The nearly 100 attendees at the forum created a positive atmosphere of engagement, interaction, and mutual benefit.

Successful close of the AMTS 2019 Smart Manufacturing Forum