Chung Yuan Christian University
  • 2019 Nov 18
  • GLORIA CYCU Advance Germany to grasp the pulse of the industry, & builds an international all- purpose intelligent manufacturing service plan

R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU and MATSUI Mfg. Co., Ltd. displayed Smart Injection Molding Solutions in the fair

GLORIA CYCU and R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU attended K Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany for the fields of plastics and rubber. K Trade Fair is one of the most prestigious fair among the globe, and it is held triennially. GLORIA CYCU and its member, MATSUI MFG.Co., Ltd.(Japan), jointly exhibited Smart Injection Molding Solutions in the fair as their research outcome. The outcome serves as a solution to intelligent and cloud application in the fields of Injection Molding and Advanced Molding. Traditional industries should make Industrial transformation when there is manpower shortage in the future. Through integrating every module in Smart Injection Molding Solutions, unmanned AI-autonomous Injection Molding could be realized, meanwhile, shortening the time of molding process, increasing yield rate, and stabilizing mass production. The expert council explained in details and exchanged ideas in the fair. They provided new research knowledge and unique solutions. R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU gained international reputation among companies and it has promoted GLORIA CYCU to the world and connected the companies with unique techniques and services in order to enhance the purpose of international membership recruitment.

2019 K Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany

K Trade Fair 2019 has the largest scale in plastics and rubber field of exhibition because more than 3000 exhibitors attended the fair for 8 days from October 16th.,2019. More than 230 thousand visitors participated and took great interest in the latest development in plastics and rubber industry. There were 18 halls showcasing innovative equipment and technology, most of which displayed the cutting-edge machinery. K Trade Fair 2019 had 4 focuses including (1) raw materials, auxiliaries, (2) plastic rubber semi-finished products,(3) mold, machinery and equipment, (4) plastic / manufacturing related services. It announced 3 important aspects for the future (1) Plastics industry 4.0, (2) plastics for sustainable development, (3) systems integration. Professor Chen Shia-Chung, advisor Cheng, Nien-Tien, and Doctor Chang Yung-Hsiang attended the fair to collect information of innovative equipment and technology. They keep abreast of the latest development in industry and provide more professional services.
There were quite a lot of important companies in the K fair. The research team has collected industry-related information, including precision molding, recycled plastics, energy saving, material saving, bunker material monitoring, and automatic system. In the future, the team will have a deeper understanding of the technical metrics to promote the possibility of cooperation.
After participating in the K 2019, R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU research team visited the international injection machine manufacturer- ENGEL in Austria, and discussed the bilateral technical exchanges with the ENGEL Vice President of Technology R&D TIG CEO and related personnel. It is expected that the visit will begin in December. We aimed at improving industry service and promoting technology through bilateral technical cooperation, also achieve the purpose of linking the alliance with international benchmark enterprises.

Professor Chen Shia-Chung led the expert council to visit the ENGEL in Austria. They introduced the vision of R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing, CYCU and cooperation items

The CYCU expert council visited ENGEL technology development factory, discussing further cooperation and development items