National Yang-Ming University
  • 2019 Nov 18
  • Yang-Ming National University GLORIA Enterprise Lecture 8: Observing Artistic Aesthetics from the Aspect of Brain Science - a Glimpse of the World of Neuroaesthetics
Chair Prof. Jen-Chuen Hsieh, National Yang-Ming University, an authority on brain science, gave a series of excellent speeches with an emphasis on artistic aesthetics

The host of the Bio-Navigator Enterprise Lectures, National Yang-Ming University Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) broke with convention for the first time about inviting the industry to share its experiences and specially invited Prof. Jen-Chuen Hsieh to the lecture. Prof. Hsieh is the principal investigator of the Integrated Brain Research Group at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital Medical Research and Education Department and the chair professor for brain research at National Yang-Ming University. He has shared with us the unknown future brought by neuroaesthetics from his perspective as a physician-scientist. Through the academia, a new resonance with the industry was created, which has encouraged the exploration of more possible applications from the collaboration between academia and industry.

Academician Y.H. Wu (second from the right), former president of National Yang-Ming University, has especially attended the lecture. From the right: Chief Executive Officer Hsien-Chih Pei, President H. S. Kuo, Yu-Te Wu, Dean of Research and Development, and Li-Fen Chen, Deputy Dean of Research and Development.

Humans have been actively studying the brain, mind, and activities since the end of the last century. Prof. Jen-Chuen Hsieh has led the attendees into the field of brain science with a witty style. With simple words, he gave in-depth explanations of the functions of neural networks and their number of connections, and how the level of their interactions changes with situations and how they build an aggregated system through super-low frequency crosstalk. At the same time, he discussed brain science with practical examples and empirical research, and elaborated on the basic mental cognitive functions of art, giving attendees a basic understanding of brain science.

President, H. S. Kuo (right) specially bestowed the “Ministry of Education – Excellent Teaching Award” on Prof. Jen-Chuen Hsieh (left) in the lecture

Is neuroaesthetics involved in the field of medicine or aesthetics? With accumulated knowledge of neuroscience of human brain coupled with senses of body ownership and empathy, Prof. Jen-Chuen Hsieh interpreted art, aesthetic, and music experiences and creation. He mainly elaborated on the mechanisms of nervous actions of mind and organs originated from the brain from the aspects of aesthetic appreciation and aesthetic creation, and explained the processes with empirical evidence provided by various scientists. For instance, the body responses brought about by listening to music. Emotional and aesthetic experiences would drive neurotransmitters to produce an exciting goosebump phenomenon.

All seats were occupied. The attendees concentrated their attention on the speech

Aesthetic experience has reached a new climax through neuroaesthetics. While people are showing enjoyment appreciating the artwork, their neuralchemistry changes, which has a regulatory effect on neural circuits. Is neuroaesthetics involved in the field of medicine or aesthetics? The answer is believed to be affirmative.
An endless stream of questions from the participating manufacturers

Everybody was very interested in applied brain science throughout the whole lecture and could not get enough of it. For one of the questions, Prof. Hsieh described the use of a corresponding neural network according to mind demand to match the need or create the present mind experience. By visualizing the psychological parameters of the mental work in the brain, he also analyzed that humans can lead the future through mental work and the mystery of rhythm. In the end, amidst the applause and cheers, the audience appreciated Prof. Hsieh for bringing unlimited creative inspiration and an abundance of knowledge to everybody. The event ended successfully.